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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918



Woman Haters' Club

Roll of Honour


From Woman Haters' Club.  Essendon - Dromana, p 11.



Ainslie G

Bryce J

Bryce R

Cameron E

Colclough G

Craven A

Cumming H

Dodgshun N

Dodgshun W

Gordon R A (MC)

Hayes F

Hill A

Hood V

Horner F W

Howarth F

Hull J

Muir M G            

Munro J

Muntz A

McNeil F D

Parker H - KIA

Piggin N

Proud R

Rawsthorne V

Richards R

Rose W

Rowe E - KIA

Stewart G

Stewart L

Stewart N L

Stewart W

Wheatley G

The emboldened names are those whose photos are on their webpage.

The club was associated with St John's Presbyterian Church, Essendon.


The Woman Haters' Club on their 1912 Christmas Camp at Dromana. Many of the younger men went on to serve in the Great War.  Harry Cumming is in the back row, fourth from the left and possibly Edward Webster  Dodgshun eight from the left.  Photo courtesy of Jenny Ryssenbeek.


The soldier in the centre of the photo is wearing sergeants' stripes.  The hut in the background is the storage hut built in 1911, and according to the club history, no camping took place on this site until the end of the war, so this may have been a welcome home celebration  around 1918-1919 for a club member home but not yet discharged.  Courtesy of Jenny Ryssenbeek.


This impromptu band photo might possibly have been taken on the same occasion as above, with the member on the left wearing the sergeant's hat (or is the sergeant). Courtesy of Jenny Ryssenbeek.




Absent Pals

By "The Mob"


From Pals at Dromana - a Greeting!

This card we are sending to you,

And we trust that we'll all soon be meeting -

We wish you were now on the blue,

And these blithering war-whoops were ended,

But there- you can all understand -

That our feelings with yours, boys, are blended

How we're longing to grip each your hand.


Well, chaps, things were not quite so willing

Last time at the camp - that, you'd guess

With so many of you away filling

The gaps in the line ne'ertheless

We "Haters of Woman", were having

Our spree where the white wavelets swirl-

Now lounging,now swilling, now sharing

The briny with some pretty girl.


And that just reminds us when shemales

Come into the matter - four mugs

Have gone and got spliced to some female,

And the "Woman Haters", - the thugs

Gordon, Scotchy, Jim Easton and Vernon;

And two other coots are engaged,

Vis, Craven and Binny - just fancy

S'no good though, becoming engaged!


We saw - it was put in the papers,

But we don't quit believe all they say,

That "Roth" had been up to some capers,

Had won a tin cross by the way;

Tho' his fame we've no wish for defeating,

There's something we'd just like to know -

Did he get that there medal for eating?

In that line he wasn't too slow.


Twentynine of you - all up and doing

We expect when you handle your gun;

The enemy soon will be suing

For peace, and when the war will be won;

But the news in the papers each morning

Is the same old monotonous dope -

Can it be that the Kaiser is scorning

The "Haters" - the allies' last hope?


Well, boys, though we'd like to be telling

About our good time by the sea,

On joys of our little camp dwelling,

Our pier promenades in the free

Flowing white of the foam - How the wenches

Would gaze at our figures.  What ho!

We remember you're all still in the trenches,

And they're not like Dromana - we know.


So Good Bye, old Pals, for the present

We're off now to drink your good health,

And when you return to this pleasant

Dear Land of the South, all the wealth

In the world will not pay for the bust-up

We're figuring out in our heads;

And as Sol of to-morrow has risen,

We'll toddle away to our beds.


[From a card sent to all serving members in 1917, along with a Christmas cake.] 


A program of entertainment from 1921


Those who provided the entertainment were Eric Fox, George Muir, Harry Cumming, Vic Rawsthorne, Leigh Stewart, Corporal Phillips, and George Charles.  W Craven was the President. 




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