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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918





Photographs taken or collected by Cyril Burdeu, courtesy of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.


OM65-30, Cyril Andrew Burdeu Papers and Photographs

[Captions are from the John Oxley Library, unless in square brackets].

In Camp, Egypt


Soldier, probably Cyril Burdeu, reading in tent, Mena Camp, Egypt. OM65-30/13

[I have some doubts that this is Cyril Burdeu, as he appears to be some years older

than 22.  Cyril embarked as a corporal, and this man has no stripes on his sleeve.]


Group of 4 unidentified Australian soldiers, sporting very new, short

haircuts. OM65-30/12


Group of Australian soldiers at open air cook house, Mena Camp, Egypt.



View of soldiers kit bags, tents, mounts, probably Mena Camp, Egypt.  OM65-30/7


Members of the Field Artillery Brigade eating in open air mess, Mena Camp, Egypt. 



Unidentified Australian soldier on cleaning fatigue, Mena

Camp, Egypt. OM65-30/15


Unidentified Australian solder pictured with rifle and large

biscuit tin - Melbourne Cabin Biscuits.  OM65-30/16



Troops and their mounts in horse-lines, Mena Camp, Egypt. OM65-30/57





Unidentified Australian soldier in street scene, Egypt, OM65-30/10


Caption on rear "The Square" in Alexandria, very fine. In distance notice fine

statue of Mohamet Ali Savoir of Alexandria [Mohamed Ali Pasha] OM65-30/11


Equestrian statue of Mohamed Ali Pasha, Alexandria. OM65-30/30


Unidentified Australian soldier in street scene, having his

boots shone, Cairo, Egypt. OM65-30/26


Unidentified Australian soldier at cigarette & newspaper

stall, Cairo. OM65-30/32



Australian troops on board electric powered tram, Cairo.  OM65-30/17


Street parade, Cairo.  OM65-30/31


View of roof tops, probably Cairo, Egypt.  OM65-30/27


Unidentified hotel, Cairo.  OM65-30/39


Interior of Cairo Museum, Egypt, OM65-30/29


Two seated women in traditional dress, Egypt. OM65-30/24

[The railing is the same as that round the perimiter of the Ezbekieh Gardens, Cairo.]


Team of five camels, being led by two drivers, Egypt. M65-30/19.


Unidentified mounted Australian soldier with children playing with pretend rifles,

Egypt.  OM65-30/25


Unidentified Australian soldier pictured with native children, Egypt. OM65-30/33


Unidentified Australian soldier pictured in gardens, Egypt.  OM65-30/22


Unidentified Australian soldier pictured in gardens, Egypt. OM65-30/22



Unidentified Australian soldier mounted on horse, Egypt. OM65-30/8



Large group of Turkish prisoners being paraded, Egypt. OM65-30/34.


Turkish prisoners being paraded, Egypt.  OM65-30/35





Gun and carriage, being floated across waterway, horses in the background. OM65-30/18


Mounted soldier pictured holding another horse, troops and mounts in

background. OM65-30/20


Mounted troops on parade, probably Mena Camp, Egypt. OM65-30/21


Unidentified Australian soldier mounted on horse, Egypt.  OM65-30/8


Group of unidentified Australian soldiers at rest on side of hill, Egypt.   OM65-30/9



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