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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918



Latchford in the 6th AIR 1907-1910
Training-for-Instructional-staff Albury 1910
 Area Officers Instructional Camp, Langwarrin, 1913
Area Office 58B Ascot-Vale-1914   Latchford-E-W-Light-Horse-Depot, circa 1915 



Heidelberg Staff School 1912


Instructional Staff School, Heidelberg, 1912. Staff Sergeant Major Ernest Latchford is 7th from the left in the

second back row.  Photographer J E Barnes, Kew.  Courtesy of Mark Latchford.


"The Bwains of the Army, Dear Boy".  The photographer has difficulty getting them to look at the camera. 

Courtesy of Mark Latchford.


Undated (and missing 1st and 2nd cards. Probably to future brother- in- law Roy Dehnert of Ballan, then about 9 years of age)


"….went away, aren’t you? This card is one if the Instructional Staff who are stationed in Victoria. It was taken at Heidelberg, near Doncaster, last year. The “Bwains of the Army, Dear boy”. Can you pick me out, I put a pin through my jacket just to oblige you, don’t check now. Well, Roy, ta ta for the time being. Yours truly, E.W.L"


Officers looking through rifle with telescopic sight at Heidelberg.  This type of device could be used to teach trainees how to sight the target, and allow them to practice snapping the trigger.  Photo: J E Barnes, Kew.  Courtesy of Mark Latchford.


Physical Training at the Heidelberg Staff School of Instruction, 1912.  Photo: J E Barnes, Kew.  Courtesy of Mark Latchford.


Photos of the Staff School of Instruction at Heidelberg in 1912 were published in The Leader:

STAFF SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTION, HEIDELBERG. (1912, August 24). Leader (Melbourne, Vic. : 1862 - 1918), p. 27. Retrieved February 13, 2017, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article198117962



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