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Berry S S  Col Sgt  42

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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918


Berry S S  Col Sgt  42    Stanley Stratton     6 Inf Bn    20    Tailor's cutter    Single    Bap         

Address:    Kensington, Kensington Rd, “Kildare”    

Next of Kin:    Berry, J, Mrs, mother, 22 Council St, Clifton Hill    

Enlisted:    17 Aug 1914       

Embarked:     A20 Hororata 19 Oct 1914

Prior service:  55 Inf Bn

Awards:  Mentioned in Dispatches


Mentioned in this publication:

Lost Anzacs, the story of two brothers, by Greg Kerr


Lost Anzacs, the story of two brothers, by Greg Kerr, pp 71-71

Recorded in his 1915 diary by Cpl Hedley Kitchin, 6 Inf Bn. The 6 Inf Bn was then aboard a transport vessel waiting to be dispatched to the Dardanelles.


"Wed 21 April  ...  CSM Berry put in an appearance about 'Lights Out' with the conceited idea of showing his authority.  He was greeted with cat-howls, groans, obscene language, etc.  On calling for the assistance of the NCOs, only one could be found.  Two men were put under open arrest for obscene language to an NCO.


Thursday 22 April.  All corporals and lance corporals were paraded before the Major re: the CS Major's case the previous night.  Major Hamilton enquired from each NCO where he slept the previous night.  Some slept on deck, those who slept below were 'fast asleep' (9 pm) and one was actually on deck with diarrhoea.  This excuse capped the lot.


Berry in his evidence stated that there was no discipline in any of the sections.  This is a damned lie and Berry is a stuck up, conceited, ignorant, psalm-singing hypocrite of a liar.   Anyhow, he got no satisfaction".


At the time of this exchange Sgt Berry was aged 20, fair haired and of small stature, being 5' 6½".  He was evidently having difficulties exerting his authority, and was not in this instance supported by his Major. Despite this,  Berry stuck to his task and was subsequently commissioned, recommended for a Military Medal, and Mentioned in Dispatches twice, returning to Australia as a Captain.


Recommended for a Military Cross - not awarded.

Captain Stanley Stratton Berry, 25 Machine Gun Coy


This officer has shown a conspicuous devotion to duty and marked administrative ability and his energies whilst serving with this unit  have done much to improve and maintain the morale of the many very young men of this unit, most of whom had seen no fighting prior to Sept 10th 1917.  Captain Berry embarked with original 1st Australian Division and has proved himself to be a most valuable officer to this unit both as second in command and whilst commanding.


Recommended by Captain H Arthur Barker.  March 3 1918.



Service Commemorated

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