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Bert Wright to Mother, 1915

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54 Lettercard from Bert to Mother 24 Aug 1915






Dear Mother

am sending you a few postcards they only cost one shilling five piastres that is about one shilling and a halfpence we do not know when we will go to the front it might be this week or next the sooner the better. We have got pretty well all the things that we want We are the only company in the 21th Battalion that is in the camp at the present time. The other companys are on guard in Cairo. They are making us drill pretty hard now, that is all I can write now so I must close. I remain your loving son Bert. PS Give my love to Dad.


PS We have not received any letters yet we have been here eleven weeks tomorrow We do not know wether we are going to the Dardanells or to France We hope it is France It is nearly 16 weeks since we left Australia We hope the war does not last long as we are sick of this. I remain your loving son Bert August 24.8.1915.



71 Bert Wright to Mother, circa 1915, Cairo





Dear Mother

We are having our Photos taken in our uniform over here that is shorts & helmets Do not forget to send on of the Broadmeadows Photos over and a few papers



Terrace, Hotel, Du Nil, Cairo


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