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Essendon Town Hall F-L

Page history last edited by Lenore Frost 1 week, 1 day ago

Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918

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Essendon Town Hall A-F


Faulds L
Faulke A V H
Faulkner A W
Faulkner C T
Fawcett J
Fawcett R J
Feehan E R J
Feehan H J A
Ferguson A F K
Ferguson A H M (Sister)
Ferguson A J
Ferguson L J
Ferguson W C
Fielding G V
Fimister W J
Fincher C
Findlay C F
Findlay J S
Finlay H
Finlay T
Finnis G E
Fish G M
Fitzgerald A J
Fitzgerald T G
Fitzpatrick C E
Fitzpatrick F L
Flack H N
Flanagan G D
Flaxman C R A
Forde W
Forrest S J
Fotheringham A
Fouracre T
Fowler A A
Fowler R W
Fox T L
Fraser A
Fraser C McA
Fraser D
Fraser R T
Fraser W (Rev)
Fredericks G
Frederico T C
Frost R N
Frost T H R
Fulton J M
Furnell F
Fynmore H L
Fynmore J S
Fynmore L H
Galbraith A D
Galbraith A G F
Galbraith A V
Galland A G
Garbutt J H
Garford R
Garner A W
Garner G
Garner V G
Garnett G
Gaudie C H M
Gaudie S R
Gauld C W
Gault R
Gay F J
Gay S A
Gee C
Gemmell R B
Gentles F H
George C A
George F
George W E
Gerdes C H
Gibbard W J
Gibbons R L
Gibson C F
Gibson H S
Gibson W L
Gideon G
Gilbertson F J
Gilbody L C J
Gilchrist E A
Gilchrist E W
Gilchrist G A
Gilchrist J H B
Gilchrist P J
Gilder F L
Giles A F
Giles H C
Gill A T
Gill C T
Gilmore A
Glide F W
Glover L J
Glover L T
Goodall H T
Goodall H T
Goode L J
Goodwin L
Gordon A W
Gordon H M
Gordon J P
Gordon R
Gordon R C
Goulding S J
Graces H S
Graham C M
Graham H
Graham H B
Graham L F
Graham V
Graham V R T
Grant A S
Grant F
Grant F L
Grant G S
Grant J A
Grant J S
Grant L
Grant R K
Graves E I L
Graves R R R
Gray A A
Gray H J
Green E T
Green H J
Greeness G F V
Greening E J
Greenwood W J
Gregory M N
Gregory R E
Gregory T J
Greig G F
Gribbon J
Grieves J
Grieves T
Griffith E G
Griffith G R
Griffiths E
Griffiths H J
Griffiths R E
Grigg H J
Grigg J S
Grigg W C
Guest F T
Guthrie J
Gyles N O
Haigh P R H
Hailes W A
Hall A
Hall H
Hall H D
Hall J B
Hall J H
Hall W P
Hamilton A E
Hamilton S J
Hancock A J
Hancock J McC
Handley T L
Hanna F J
Hansford A H
Hanson C
Hanson V
Harboard E
Harding H
Harlow T
Harman E
Harrick J
Harrington A
Harrington J
Harris A G
Harris C G (navy)
Harris E S
Harris F J
Harris F J
Harris G
Harris G L
Harris J S
Harris W
Harris W C
Harrison J E
Harrison R J
Hartmann N
Harty L J
Harvey A E
Harvey J
Harvey J D
Harvey L
Hatton C
Hatton W B
Hatty J H
Hautot J G
Hawker F C
Hawkins G G C
Hayes A M
Hayes E
Hayes F
Hayes J M
Hayes T B
Hazzard P D
Head A G
Head H
Head L G
Head M
Heaphy H R
Hearn D
Hearn M A
Heathershaw W
Hedley J W
Heighway A R
Helm A E
Henderson K A
Heritage J R
Heron A
Heron H J
Heron P
Heron W L
Herweg J C
Herweg R H
Herweg T G
Hewat J
Hewat R
Hewitt R M
Heyen L
Heywood P H
Hibbins C
Hicks F A A
Hicks P G
Hill A W
Hill L C
Hill W C
Hillbrick H H
Hinds A W
Hiscock J T
Hiscock O L
Hoare J J
Hobbins H B
Hodge J
Hodge J H
Hodges P D
Hoff J T
Hoff P B
Holdman J R
Holdsworth B
Holland E
Hollow S H E
Holt J A C
Homan H
Hood G E
Hooper A L
Hopkins E J
Hopkins J W
Hosking A
Hosking A P
Hosking B P
Hosking F A
House A D
Howe F
Howes G S
Howlett P N
Hughes F
Hulett C F
Hull J E
Hulme A W F
Hulme W E
Hunt H C P
Hunt M J
Hunt T F L
Hunter D
Hunter R W
Hurry L H
Hurry T V
Hutchinson A J
Hutchinson T
Hutchinson W T H
Hutchison A J
Hutson R H
Hutton P M
Hyde A
Hyde A
Hyde G
Hyland J H
Inches B C
Inches T C
Isles J W
Isuid G T
Ivers S J
Jackson F R
Jackson H G
Jackson R E
Jacobsohn J R
Jacobson A (Nurse)
James A
James C F
James E C
James J H
James L
James W J S
James W O
Jarvie K R
Jeffrey A J
Jenkins A
Jenkins J M
Jennings J E
Jobson H D
Jobson L J
Johnson C A
Johnson C F
Johnson C S
Johnson G
Johnson J
Johnson W A
Johnson W H
Johnston C P
Johnston G
Johnston G A
Johnston H
Johnston J H
Johnston J W
Johnstone A
Johnstone J
Johnstone J R
Jones C E
Jones F
Jones F J
Jones L R
Jones R L
Jones R W
Jones T
Jones W
Jones W A
Jones W T
Jordon T J
Joseph D H
Jude A E
Jude G C
Junior E W
Kaufman H
Keam H M
Kelly H V
Kelly J
Kelly W A
Kelsall J C
Kempson G R
Kenealy F J
Kenfell O
Kennedy D W
Kennedy E
Kennedy E
Kennedy J A
Kennedy J E
Kennedy J H W
Kennedy J M
Kennedy L A
Kennedy L A
Kenny J
Kent C W
Kerr L S
Kerr R C
Kerr R
Kersey H N
Killingsworth H L
Killury P B
Kimpton E W
Kimpton F C

King E C

King E E
King F G
King S W
Kinnane J
Kirk H C
Kirk J
Kitson S C
Knight J L R
Knight J V
Knox J G
Lamb A E
Lancaster G R
Lancaster V
Landon W M
Lane A J
Lane H A
Lane J H
Lang H
Lang W R C
Lang W
Langan A T D
Langan W
Langford W R
Langham J O
Langley E C
Langley E W
Langley L K
Latchford E W
Latham F
Latham F
Latham J
Latham J
Latham W J
Latimer H R
Latimer S A
Laver A J
Lawrence G
Lawson C F
Lawson F W
Lawson G E
Lawson T C
Le Patourel A MacG
Lecky D E
Lee A G
Lemon A
Leonard F J
Leonard M
Levens C A
Leverington L
Lewellin W L
Lidstone C A
Lindell S L
Lindsay N J A
Lindstrom E
Liston W F
Little G H
Little G S
Littlemore T
Livingstone D F
Locke H H H
Locke R C
London G L
Longden H C
Looby R J
Looby W J
Lord A
Loughnan G R McG
Love A G
Love W R F
Lovelock A
Lovelock N C
Lovelock R C R


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