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Essendon Town Hall L-R

Page history last edited by Lenore Frost 10 months, 2 weeks ago

Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918

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Essendon Town Hall A-F

Essendon Town Hall F-L


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Lowe J R
Luckwald H A
Luckwald H E
Lukey A N
Lumb S F
Lynch H J
Lynch H V
Lyon H C
Lyon J C G
Lyons C T F
Lyons F T
Lyons F W J
Lyons J
Lyttle A J
Lyttle H J P
Macartney T M
Macauley N
MacDonald A J
MacDonald J A
Mace E R
Mace J
MacEwan E L
MacEwan G B
MacGill E
MacGregor W
MacKay A W
MacKenzie F D
MacKinnon C F
MacKinnon H
MacKinnon J N
MacKinnon N W
Mackley C
Mackley E
Mackley W G
Madden D A
Madden H J
Madden M A
Madden P J
Mahon E H
Mahood T O G
Main P E
Maine A C
Maine C E
Maison H
Maitland A S
Malone H W
Malone J
Maloney J A
Manderson A L G
Manderson E J A
Manderson R R B
Manners H F
Mansfield J C
Mansfield L
Markey A J
Marnie W K
Marshall J E
Marshall R W
Marshall W G
Marshall W J S
Martin C C
Martin S E
Martin T
Mason C
Mason C J
Mason E J
Mason F E
Mason W J
Mathew G A B
Mathews D J
Mathews F B
Mathews J R
Mathews W
Matthew J A
Matthew J E A
Matthews A C
Matthews A L
Matthews D J
Matthews E B
Matthews E H G
Matthews H M R
Matthews N N
Matthews W S
Maxwell G W
May A J
Mayall C H
McArren J
McArthur A J
McBean N A
McCallum D
McCallum S
McCarthy T H
McCasker F W
McConnell A I R
McConnell J L
McConnell R C
McCorkell F J
McCrae J
McCure P C
McDonald J
McDonough S
McDougall J
McDougall J H
McDougall W J
McDowell J
McDowell W L
McFadyen C H
McFarlane A G
McFarlane C
McFaull F P
McGann F J
McGavin G R
McGiffen C H
McGrath E
McGrath J
McGrath W L
McGregor C H L
McGregor R
McHardy F J
McHardy W A
McHenry H
McHenry H S
McIndoe A C
McIndoe R J
McIndoe W
McInnes D
McIntyre A
McIvor H J
McJunkin J W
McKaige E C
McKay J A
McKay L W
McKay W
McKee J
McKellar C C
McKenna A R
McKenna J B
McKenna J B
McKenzie A
McKenzie H W
McKenzie W L
McKerrow F W
McKerrow G
McKerrow G H
McKerrow H
McKinnon H
McKinnon H
McKissock A
McLean R R
McLeish A W
McLeod G T
McNab H
McNabb M C
McNamara F H
McNamara L P
McPhail J
McPhee J E
McPherson A C
McRae G E
Mealey F J
Mealey F P
Meara M J
Mehegan A J
Meldrum H D
Memery H V
Memery J H
Memery S M
Menere G J
Metcalf C
Metcalf N E H
Meyer E H
Meyer H
Meyer H T [Dup?]
Meyer H T
Meyer W J
Middleton C H
Middleton E H
Miles B D
Miles M E
Miles W J
Miller J E
Mills C B
Mills W T
Milne C G
Milne J S
Minchin C E
Missen A S
Mitchell L W
Mitchell T H
Mitchell W S
Molan M F
Molan T L
Moncrieff W G
Moore A E
Moore C
Moore E
Moore E F
Moore J
Moore J E
Moore L F
Moore R D
Mooris C H
Morgan C H
Morgan E R
Morgan L
Morgan W J
Morgans J S
Morpeth D M
Morris D L
Morris F J
Morris H
Morris J E
Morris L F
Morrison A
Morrison J
Morrison R A
Morrison W
Morton L T
Moss E H
Moss W J
Mott A E P
Mott H W
Moule E A
Moule G E
Moule W R
Mountain W J
Mountjoy A C
Mountjoy P L H
Mower T W
Muir D G
Muir W G
Mulkearns J L
Mullett R E
Munday C J
Murphy C T
Murphy H S
Murphy J J
Murrell C F
Murrell H J
Murrell W B
Musgrove C W J
Mustard A P
Mylrea E W
Myers L B
Nally E W
Narracott A E
Narracott V G
Nash F B
Neal A F
Neal H
Neale L A
Neale S D
Needham G S
Neilson C S
Neilson W E B
Ness A L
Neumann C J
Newall H R
Newing W J
Newton P
Newton P B
Nicholas E
Nicholls D L
Nicholls G
Nicholson L W
Nicholson P F
Nickelson E F
Nielson J C
Nobbs F S
Nobbs G B
Nolan W
Noldt P H
Noone E A
Nordberg G F
Nordberg F G
Norrish A
Norrish L G H
Norrish L J L
North A E
North C B
Nott F J
Nott N P
Nunan J C
Nunan W F
Nye S M
O'Brien N J
O'Dee A H J
O'Dee C B
O'Dee L
O'Dee L F
O'Dowd R A
O'Leary A J
O'Neill G J
O'Neill H F
Oakenfall E
Odgers C V
Ogden D H
Olley C F
Opie L G
Osborne G
Osborne H T
Osborne J T
Ough D
Ough H W
Owen F J
Page A G
Paine P G
Palmer A J
Palmer W C
Park E R
Park W G
Parker A R
Parker M J
Parker R G R
Parsons A C
Parsons A L
Paterson A B
Paterson G G
Paterson R
PatheĀ“ L G
Paton R
Patterson A D M
Patterson E D
Patterson H W
Patterson W J
Pattison R
Pattison W A
Paul A T
Paul H
Pawley A J
Paxton E D F
Payne E E
Pearce W H
Pearson E A
Pearson F L
Pemberton R A
Penrose C S
Penrose W V
Perinoni L W
Perkins E C
Perkins P H
Permezel C H
Perrett C J
Perrett M
Peters F
Pettigrew J
Pettigrew S J
Pettigrew T C
Philbin A E D
Philip F
Philip G
Phillips J G
Phillips P J
Pinkerton D J
Pinkerton W
Pinney C R
Pitman E
Platts M C
Plummer J L
Plunket J L
Plunket T
Porteous J T
Porter R A
Potter S M
Powell L T
Powell W R
Pownall H J
Pratt A J
Prendergast E P
Prentice J M
Preston W M
Price J O
Price L C
Price R
Prior L H
Pritchard L B
Proudfoot J G
Prunty H C
Pullen R A
Pynor S E
Quayle E L
Quince W A
Quinlan J E
Rabling H
Rabling H S
Radcliffe J B
Ralston T
Ramsay W P
Randall G A
Rankin G E
Ransom R K
Ransom S T
Raphel P M
Reid A L
Reid R J
Reid W
Reidy W H
Reilly C O H
Renouf H A
Reville F N
Rice H G
Richards D
Richards E L
Richards G
Richards J
Richards L O F
Richards R J
Richardson C A L
Richardson C L A
Richardson E
Richman W
Riddell R W
Roberts A
Roberts P A
Robertson A B
Robertson A T
Robertson C
Robertson E E
Robertson J
Robertson T

Robins W

Robinson G
Robinson G S
Robinson J F
Robinson V M
Robinson W
Roche J
Rochstein F S
Rodger J
Rodway H
Rogers A E
Rogers F J D
Rogers F O
Rogers R
Rogers W J
Rogerson A A P
Rogerson C C
Roland B
Roland J W R B

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