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Essendon Town Hall R-Y

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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918

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Rorke G M
Rorke G M [Dup?]
Rose E J
Rose F A
Rose J
Rose T G
Ross A
Ross C T F
Ross L H
Ross M B
Ross P H
Ross W
Ross W L
Rothville V
Rowe E
Rowe R J
Royle H C
Royle J E
Royle R
Ruff H S
Russell E
Russell J H B
Russell J M
Rust A C
Rust J McG
Ryan C O
Ryan D
Ryan D E
Ryan M B
Ryan T
Ryan V C M
Salamon C J
Salamon E J
Salamon E R
Salmon P W
Sandford A
Sapwell A H
Saunders F
Scanlan J J
Schafer J C
Scharness C
Schofield E J B
Scorer L L
Scorer W D
Scott A G
Scott G R
Scott J D
Scott J E
Scott J G
Scott R
Scott R G
Scott R H
Scott S
Scurry W C
Sebo R S
Seccombe A V
Seccombe C S
Sedgeman C
Sedgeman T E
Sedgman E W
Sedgman L H
Sedgman V W
Sedgman V W
Seekamp H D
Seeley A
Seeley J
Seeley W
Sefton V
Semple H F
Serpell F S
Seyfarth H A
Seyfarth P B
Seymour F C
Shannon W E
Shaw V R W
Shea A J
Shea H N
Shea R
Shea W C
Sheffield H E
Sheldon S
Sheldrick R A
Shields G F
Shirley F
Shurey A R
Shurey C F
Siemsen G H
Sigg C R
Sigg G H
Sigg J F
Simmonds A
Simmonds E
Simmonds G C
Simmonds H L
Simmonds J E
Simmons A
Simmons D C
Simmons R P
Simmons S H
Simonsen G A
Simonsen J A
Simpkin C H V
Simpkins E S
Simpson J P Earle
Sims H V
Sims J T E
Sinclair A J G
Sinclair W L
Sjostrom O
Skehan P R
Skehan T H
Smail E
Smail G S
Smith A
Smith A H
Smith A J
Smith C
Smith E
Smith E C
Smith E H
Smith E J
Smith G G
Smith G T
Smith J A
Smith L H
Smith M D
Smith P J
Smith Q R
Smith R P
Smith T F
Smith W D
Smith W G
Smith W S R
Snape H J
Snape R O
Snell R R
Snell W J
Snowden W T
Southwell B C S
Soutter A D
Spargo W N
Sparks A H
Sparks R
Speed G R
Speed H P
Spence J L
Spencer F
Sproston L G
Stanhope R A B
Stark N
Stearman G
Steele L W
Steeth A G
Steeth L C
Steeth W J
Stelling G
Stenning H W
Stenning W G
Stephens G L
Stephens R
Stephens R C
Stephens W I
Stevens G L P
Stevens H E
Stevens S A J
Stevenson G
Stevenson G H
Stevenson J
Stewart C F
Stewart F L
Stewart G S
Stewart J McA
Stewart L
Stewart N L
Stewart O
Stewart R H
Stewart S L
Stewart W
Stickland J S

Stobaus E A

Stobaus H W
Stock A
Stokesberry J T
Stone C D
Stone E A
Stone E H
Stone H C
Stone R F K
Stones E A
Straughair C S
Straughen F
Streeter A
Streeter C
Sturgess S
Sturgess W A
Styring P J
Suhr E J
Sullivan J G
Summerland A
Summers N
Sussens G
Sutherland B M
Sutton G
Sutton H D
Sutton R
Swaby C W
Swaby T H
Sweatman P
Sweatman P J
Swift A G
Swift A T
Swift C H
Swift L C
Syder J
Syme R J
Symes R S
Tabor E F
Tadgell A V
Talbot E H
Tatterson J
Taylor H R
Taylor T C
Teague E N
Teale H L
Teale H L
Teale R S
Teather H J
Terry W J R
Thomas H J
Thomas R
Thomas W A
Thompson B N
Thompson H J
Thompson J
Thompson R
Thompson S D
Thomson D G
Thomson J A
Thornton A
Thorpe P A
Thynne G
Tilley B W
Tilley H C
Tilley P N
Timewell J L
Tindale W H
Todd C W
Toms J M S
Toohey W
Tootell J H
Topham J E
Topham W H
Towers W G W
Townsend B
Townsend W A
Trathan C F
Trathan H S
Trevan S
Trevillian E F
Trevillian F J
Trevillian S
Treyvaud S H
Trott A C
Trott G A
Trott G G
Truman H J
Tucker J
Tuohy A St G
Tuohy F M
Turner E
Turner F J
Turner J
Turner J E
Tuttleby L H
Twaits D R
Twining J J
Twycross J K
Twycross S A
Tytherleigh J A C

Tyzack L V

Tyzack T O
Usher F W
Usher J T
Vaughan F A
Vaughan W
Vickers E J
Vosti L J
Wade E J
Wade W C
Wakeham W E
Wakeham W G
Waldren A L
Waldren C M
Waldren W J H
Walker C H
Walker D
Walker E L
Walker G
Walker J M
Walker K L
Walker L R F
Walker T J
Wallis A
Wallis H L
Wallis V F
Walsh G J
Walsh J
Walton H C
Ward A H
Ward C
Ward G R
Ward J R
Ward N F
Ward V McK
Wardrop A H
Wardrop J H
Warner H W J
Wasley F
Wasley J
Waterhouse G
Waterhouse G
Watson F W
Watson G J
Watson G J
Watson T
Watson T H
Watt B
Watt E J
Watt R
Watts A E J
Way L G
Weatherhead W G
Weatherley E J
Webb H
Webb S
Webb S A
Webster A E
Webster T
Welch N
Wells R W
West F J
Westwood J A
Wheatley G A
Wheatley H D
Wheatley N C
Wheatley R L
Wheatley T C
Whinfield M W
Whitaker A G
Whitaker C L
White D O
White E P
White H G
White H O
Whitehill G T
Whitelaw A P
Whitelaw C M
Whitelaw H V
Whitelaw J
Whitham J G Y
Wiffen C B
Wigg C E
Wight R H B
Wilding A H
Wilkie G M
Wilkinson L A
Wilkinson L H
William R
Williams C H
Williams C P
Williams G G
Williams G O
Williams H
Williams H J
Williams H L
Williams R
Williams S A
Williamson A W E
Williamson T
Wilson A
Wilson A M
Wilson C P
Wilson F T
Wilson G P
Wilson J
Wilson J H
Wilson J J
Wilson R H A
Wilson R J
Wilson T F
Wilson W E
Wilton J O
Wilton R H
Wise E C
Wishart A F
Wishart R H
Witheridge D H
Wolff W S G
Wolstenholme H E
Wood A D
Wood S
Woodruff H G
Woodruff J S
Woods C A
Woods C G
Woods E A
Woods G C
Woods H J
Woods J W
Woods L A
Woolley G H
Worthington T P
Wotherspoon W A
Wright A E
Wright A E
Wright C I
Wright C J
Wright E S
Wright F L
Wright F W
Wright F W
Wright H J
Wright J H
Wright R C
Wright R C
Wright W G
Wyllie L L
Yates J
Yates K
Yeates J A
Yeates W H
Yeats C J R
Yeo A V
Yeo H R S
Young A D
Young A T
Young C E
Young L
Young R A
Young R C
Young R J
Young W
Young W
Young W J


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