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Henry Wright to Father, 1918

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47 H J Wright to Father, Longbridge, Deverill, Warminster England 12 July 1918

[Letterhead Naval & Army Canteen Board]




Overseas Training Battalion

Longbridge Deverill

Near Warminster

Wiltshire, England


July 12th 1918


My Dear Father


Just a few lines to say I am well & will in four days time be going to France to fight this Hun, I am now in splendid health and can almost turn the scale at 13 stone. I am just about jumping out of my skin with the good training we get & do not mind in the least having to go back, it is for you dear people at home that I am thinking, you will be worrying, but you must buck up for I may be back again in England before it reaches you.


Well Dad she is some War & is hanging out a long time, years longer than any of us ever though but there is no doubt that America's millions of men is going to bring us a victory within a few months, America has now a million men in France & she is sending on an average 10,000 every day & can continue this until the War ends. The Germans are at present holding a big part of France & they are trying their damndest to reach Paris, they will never do it, they have advanced over ground in a few weeks, which had taken the Allies nearly two years to get, but in my opinion this was all part of the Allies plan to fall back to gain time for the American Army to come in, & also to kill off as many of the Huns as possible. You will see a great change will take place soon. The Allies will start an Offensive & push ahead & the Lord help old Fritz for it will be one of the biggest lickings she has had the war will only start then the slaughter will be terrible, but it is the only way for Peace.


Well Dad I was in hopes of having Christmas back home with you all, but will have to again postpone it, still I guess that Hogshead will keep for another year, we must not forget a good night then.


I guess you were pleased to have Fred, Bert & Charlie home again & don't forget Dad I will soon be back, my good luck will always stick so Dad I want you all to cheer up, I am going over to the big stouch with a good heart & I want you to keep the "home fires burning", & don't let anything happen to that beer.

Your loving Son



Henry Wright to Family, 1918 - France

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