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Moonee Ponds West State School

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Moonee Ponds West Primary School

Erected in Honour of Past Scholars Who Served the Empire in the Great War 1914-1919



Photograph: Lenore Frost


Sir,-An honour board is being prepared for the Moonee Ponds West State school, and as correspondent of the school committee I am very anxious that the list of names thereon shall be complete. I will therefore be glad to receive the names of any former scholars who have served the Empire in the great war. Yours, &c

226 The Parade, Ascotvale, Aug. 21.

The Argus 23 August 1919


Senator's Criticism
In the course of in address given after unveiling the honour roll at the Moonee Ponds West State School on Saturday, Brigadier General Elliott referred to the bill   now before Parliament to amend the Defence Act. General Elliott said that the  amending legislation would bring into force in Australia the British Army Act. He   had protested against the measure- (applause)- but what could one man do? He did not think people realised what far reaching effects the act as amended would have. For one thing, the mother or wife or sister of a dead soldier would not be allowed to wear any decoration that he had won, not even if it was the Victoria Cross. (Shame) Yes it was indeed a shame and the surprising thing was that Senator Pearce, who had sprung from the people, should favour such an undemocratic measure (Hear, hear ) The honour roll contains the names of the 334 soldiers who were former pupils of the school. After the unveiling ceremony, Mr A Coulson who presided, handed to the head master a large Australian ensign given to the school anonymously by one of the residents.

The Argus 26 April 1921  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article1751116


The Troop attended a ceremony held at the Moonee Ponds West State School on Saturday afternoon, 23rd April [1921] where Brigadier-General Elliott unveiled an honour board listing the names of students past who served in the Great War of 1914-1918. Hymns and songs were rendered on the occasion, including an address in protest against the introduction of the controversial British Army Act.


Events from August 1915 to 1940 for 1st Moonee Ponds Scout Group, by Lindsay White, 2002.


Adams W
Adams  A*
Alloway A*
Alloway W*
Anderson S
Armstrong L
Ashman W
Ashworth H
Ashworth J
Baglin C
Batchelor G
Beach W
Beachcroft A
Beachcroft E
Beachcroft F
Beachcroft O
Beasley R
Beck C
Bell R H
Bell R W
Bell T K
Bennie A
Bertram A
Bishop R
Blair J
Bradley L
Bramley H
Bramley W
Brock J
Brodie A
Brown E T
Bunning R *
Burden C
Burden C R
Burns C
Byrne J
Campbell D
Cavanagh G
Chalmers J
Chambers E *
Chapman E
Clare R
Clarke C
Clarke E
Clarke W F
Cook E
Cootes W
Coulson A M
Coutts W
Crapp H
Crawford C
Crawford T C
Creswick W A
Crichton S
Cross G
Dale E
Dale J *
Davenport F
Doig C *
Doig G
Donelly J
Dorian S
Dorian W C
Downes L
Drinkwater E J
Dunne H
Dussel A
Dutton E
Dutton G *
Dutton T
Eagles G
Eagles W
Eddy J
Edgely J
Edgerton E H D *
Elder W
Eller P
Ennis L *
Ennis S
Erle-Simpson J
Evans A
Evans C C *
Farley J
Faulk V #
Faulke A
Faulkner A
Faulkner C
Finch V
Findlay A
Findlay C
Findlay C F
Findlay J
Findlay J S
Finlay S
Flaxman J
Fotheringham A 
Fynmore J
Fynmore L
Gardiner H
Garner A
Garner G *
Gaudie C *
Gaudie R
Gay F
Gideon G A
Gideon J D
Gilchrist E M *
Gilchrist E W *
Gilchrist J
Gilchrist P J
Giles A
Giles C
Giles H
Gillinit J
Gordon A
Gorin H
Gorin W C *
Graham C
Graham F
Graham V
Grant A S
Griffith G *
Hall H *
Hall J B
Harlow T
Harper W
Harvey A *
Harvey J
Hatton C
Hatton W
Hatton W B *
Hatty J
Hayes A
Hayes F
Hayes J
Hayes T
Helm A
Heron H
Heron P
Heron T
Hewitt W
Hill A
Hilton R
Holt E
Holt N
Holt W
Hood G
Hulett C F *
Hulme W
Jackson R
James A
James H
James L *
James W
Jamieson J
Jandall H
Jandall V
Jarvey K
Johnson A
Johnson E
Johnson H
Jordan C
Jude A
Jude G
Kelsall C
Kelso W
Kemp A
Kimpson W
King F
King S W
Knight J
Lamb A
Latham F
Latham J
Latham J
Latham W
Lawrance A
Lawrance G
Lawson G E
Lawson W
Liston W
Lukey A
Lukey P
Macreadie A
Macreadie R
Mahood J
Mahood T
Manderson A
Manderson E
Manderson R
Manners H
Mansfield J
Mansfield L
Markey A
Maslin R
Mateer L
Mathews F
McCallum D
McCallum L
McCallum S
McCallum W
McClure P
McKaigh E
McKerrow F
McKerrow G
McKissock A
McNab J *
Middleton E
Milne J S
Minter C
Missen A
Mobbs T P
Moore L
More E
More G
More L
Morton L
Mullet R
Mullet W
Mundell W *
Neale G
Neale L
Nelms G
Nelms V L
Newton P
Nott F
Oakenfall E
Osborne H T
Page A
Page C D
Penney C
Penrose C
Penrose W
Pettigrew T
Petty P
Pinkerton W
Porteous F
Porteous J
Prior L
Prunty H
Quinton F
Quinton O
Rayner G J *
Rice H G *
Richards E
Rielly C O H
Robertson J
Robinson J
Rose A
Rose F
Ross A
Rust A
Rust A C
Samphier E
Scorer H
Scorer L
Scorer W
Scott J
Scott R
Scott T
Sebo R
Sedgeman C
Sedgeman L
Sedgeman V
Seeley A
Seeley A
Seeley J *
Seeley W *
Seymour F
Sheffield H T
Sheldon S
Sheldon W
Sheldrick A
Sheldrick B
Sheldrick R *
Shurey A
Shurey C
Simondsen G
Simondsen J
Simpson J
Sinclair A
Smith B
Smith E
Smith E *
Smith G
Smith G
Smith R
Smith W
Smith W K
Sparkes A *
Sparks H
Sparks H A
Sparks R
Steel L
Stewart J
Stewart J McA
Stinton R T
Stone E
Sweatman J
Sweatman P
Sweetman J
Sweetman P
Syme A
Syme R
Symes R
Symons B
Taylor T
Taylor T B
Taylor W
Thompson G
Thompson J
Thompson J G *
Trathan C
Trathan H
Turner F
Turner J E
Turner W
Tytherleigh T
Vosti L
Walker A
Walker G C R
Wasley F
Watts B
Wemyss G
Westwood J
Whitford W
Whitton A
Williams G
Williams H
Wilson F
Wilson J
Wilson R
Wines S
Wishart A F
Wishart R
Woods J
Wotherspoon W
Wright A

# V Faulk seemed to be a duplication of AVH Faulke.  The spelling Faulk does not appear

in any army, navy or civilian service records for this period.


Wilcock-A-Lieut former teacher at the school.




A very impressive Empire Day Service was celebrated at the above school on Thursday morning last, at which several returned soldiers addressed the children, who were assembled in the school hall. Sgt.-Major Mullins (8th Light Horse) pointed out to the little ones what they could do to help, after which the senior pupils sang "O, God, Our Help in Ages Past." Captain-Chaplain Booth gave a very interesting outline of the life of Queen Victoria. He emphasised the importance of the boys and girls of to-day attending assiduously to their studies, so that they would become useful members of the community. The rendering of the part song, "The Minstrel Boy," was a very creditable effort on the part of the scholars. Sgt. Major Hughes, in his address pointed out the pressing need for comforts for the boys at the front who have to endure terrible hardships. Sgt.-Major Newton exhibited some relics in the shape of novelty necklaces and a gas helmet. He spoke on "The Flag," and was attentively listened to. On the children who had friends or relatives at the front being asked to show hands, a forest of hands shot up, and it was noticed that every child had a relative or friend fighting. After a couple of spirited songs, "For England" and "The Sea is England's Glory," had been rendered, an adjournment was made to the school yard where the children took the oath and saluted the flag. Sgt.-Major Mullins here delivered a stirring address on "The Flag and Privileges." after which the children were dismissed.


MOONEE PONDS WEST STATE SCHOOL. (1917, May 31). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 1 Edition: Morning. Retrieved January 1, 2013, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74602700



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