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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918

Page history last edited by Lenore Frost 2 months, 4 weeks ago


Established 2010 

The Empire Called and I Answered


The rank given in the volunteers' records is the rank they held in the Embarkation Nominal Roll, on their first embarkation.

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Volunteers Database

surnames beginning with:


















McE-Me Mi-My***   N   O   P














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Recent addition highlights:


An article about Young-G-H-Pte-674 war, wounded at Gallipoli and Pozieres, by Rod Martin 20/01/2024

An article about Keddie-T-Sgt-856 wounded at Gallipoli, by Rod Martin 11/11/2023

An article about Yeats-W-Pte-2845 who fought at Polygon Wood, by Rod Martin, 6/9/2023

An article on Pattie-Deakin-and-the-Anzac-Buffet by Lenore Frost 28/4/2023.

An article about Claiming a Brother, by Marilyn Kenny 23/11/2022

An article about Private Arthur J Lane, enlisted  in Sydney, by Rod Martin 29/10/2022

An article about Trooper Robert Kerr of the 8th Light Horse Regiment, by Rod Martin 16/7/2022

An article about Trooper James Erkinwald Quinlan of the 3 LHB by Rod Martin 26/3/2022

An article about Kaighin-C-P-G-Pte, one of the 'Glorious Dead' by Rod Martin 23/11/2021

An article about Taylor-H-R-Sapper-1799 who died in Cairo, by Rod Martin 24/10/2021 

An article about Kelleher-J-H-Pte-2685 A Lost Boy, by Marilyn Kenny 22/10/2021

An article about The Sterling Qualities of Staff Nurse Leonard by Lenore Frost 17/4/2021

An article about Nott-F-J-Gunner-36865, musician, by Marilyn Kenny 30/1/2021

An article about O'Leary-E-Pte-706 at Gallipoli, by Rod Martin 30/11/2020

An article about a mystery man, Major Johnston Hughston, by Marilyn Kenny 11/11/2020

An article about 2nd Air Mechanic Harry Nelson and his widow's trials, by Rod Martin 11/09/2020

Article on Raff-A-J-Pte-326 a machine gunner, by Rod Martin 5/6/2020

Photos from HMT-Boonah-quarantined-at-Torrens-Island,-1919 taken by Norman Gillies, 3/5/2020

An article about the  Troopship-Boonah-and-the-1919-influenza-epidemic, by Marilyn Kenny 18/4/2020

An article about Private Oakley of Kensington, who fought at Lone Pine, by Rod Martin 15/4/2020

An article about Bugler Walter J Steeth, fell at Gallipoli, by Rod Martin 2/3/2020

An article about A Teacher's Bequest by Marilyn Kenny 29/2/2020

An article on Outhred-J-C-Pte-582 , an Air Mechanic with the AFC, by Rod Martin 19/1/2020

An article on Gunner Neil Neilson who answers the Call to Arms, by Rod Martin 18/1/2020

A photo of a gold medal presented to Yates-K-Pte-5783 after the war 6/10/2019

An article about Staff Nurse Margaret Ethel Miles, of Napier St, Essendon, by Lenore Frost 28/7/2019

An article about football champion Milne-H-Pte-7886, by Rod Martin, 7/7/2019

A new photo including Tuohy-A-St-G-Pte-518 of Glass St, Essendon,  20/6/2019

An article about the Cheer-up-Brigade-Ascot-Vale by Lenore Frost 10/5/2019

An article about the Isolation Camp, Ascot Vale by Lenore Frost 9/5/2019

An article about Elliot-W-W-H-Pte-422  one of the 'Essendon boys', by Rod Martin 25/4/2015

An article about Lieut L W Mitchell, a Gas Instructor by Lenore Frost 21/4/2015

An article about Disloyalty in the Essendon District by Marilyn Kenny 31/3/2019

An article about Keam-H-M--Pte-481 , Missing in Action, by Rod Martin 10/3/2019

An article about James-L-Pte-1965 who was only 19, by Rod Martin 10/3/2019

A new portrait of Sister Elizabeth Gertrude Fleming, 20/12/18

An article about Hogg-T-B-Driver-2855, the mature recruit, by Rod Martin 30/9/2018

An article about Pte William James Hall of the 4 Light Horse Regiment by Rod Martin 30/7/2018

An article about Sergeant George of the Railways Unit by Rod Martin 26/6/2018 

An article about McArthur-A-J-Pte-475 "His Heart's Blood", by Lenore Frost 25/4/2018

An article about Sergeant Ernest Robert Fairlie, school teacher, by Rod Martin 22/4/2018

An article about Gunner Joseph Eddy of the 114 Howitzer Battery, by Rod Martin 7/4/2018

Completed checking McE-Me surnames through AWM search engine  11/3/2018

An article about Danaher-E-B-Pte-477 lost at Gallipoli, by Rod Martin 25/2/2018

An article about Coles-D-F-C-Lt of the 8 Field Artillery Brigade, by Rod Martin, 1/02/2018

A photo of Potter-S-M-Chaplain of the Newmarket Baptist Church, 1/02/2018

An article about Baker-C-M-Pte--15 of Tennyson St, Kensington, by Rod Martin 6/1/2018

An article about Adams-J-K-Pte--510 of McPherson St, Essendon, by Rod Martin 1/1/2018

An article about Youlden-F-H-Gunner-20021 by Rod Martin  29/10/2017

An article about Farrier Sergeant John Edward Quill by Rod Martin 23/08/2017

An article about Lieutenant Michael Meara, MC, of the 57 Battalion, by Lenore Frost 21/08/2017

The story of John Walter Dale and the 58 Infantry Battalion, by Rod Martin 10/8/2017

Completed checking M-McD surnames through AWM search engine  29/7/2017

George Fanner and the 37 Infantry Battalion  by Rod Martin 13/7/2017

Australian Soldiers and Citizens of Enemy Descent  by Lenore Frost 5/5/2017

Story of Pte Sam Gaudie, the reluctant soldier, by Rod Martin 21/4/2017

Completed checking L surnames through AWM search engine  5/4/2017

Portraits of brothers Larter-H-Pte-925 and Larter-F-J-Driver-2496, courtesy of Christine Young 27/3/2017

An article about Smith-E-Pte-3407 missing at Pozieres, by Rod Martin 17/3/2017

An article about Botterill-F-C-Pte-4736, the missing jockey, by Rod Martin 3/3/2017

Reverend Tulloch Yuille and the Flemington Presbyterian Church, 1916-1920  by Lenore Frost 30/1/2017

An article about the Essendon-Red-Cross-Ambulances  by Marilyn Kenny 30/1/2017

An article about Nash-F-B-Pte-303  an Original of 29 Bn, who came home, by Rod Martin 25/1/2017

An article about Young-A-T-Cpl-414 killed at Pozieres, by Rod Martin. 1/12/2016

An account of Soldiers Entertained  the Second Contingent to be farewell, 1914.  1/11/2016

Photographs from the collection of Burdeu-C-A-Cpl--1000  who was killed in action at Gallipoli

Completed checking K surnames through AWM search engine  19/9/2016

An article about Gunner A W Davey, who enlisted for the second time, by Rod Martin, 3/9/2016

An article about Bloomfield-W-J-Pte-1075, the first brother to die, by Rod Martin 18/8/2016

An article about Bloomfield-C-M-Pte-3686  who died at Pozieres, from Rod Martin 5/8/2016

A 1918 wedding portrait of soldier and munitions worker Smail-G-S-Pte-2485 4/8/2016

Two portraits of Tuohy-A-St-G-Pte-518  3/8/2016

Collection of papers associated with Kaufman-H-Lt  who embarked with 3 DAC  3/6/2016

An article about Nickelson-E-F-Sapper-2282  died of wounds, by Rod Martin 20/5/2016

Completed checking J surnames through AWM search engine  18/4/2016

An article about James-B-P-Pte-6878A  of the Sportsman's 1000, by Rod Martin 7/04/2016

An article about Tatterson-J-F-Gunner-2121 of the 110 Howitzer Battery, by Rod Martin, 19/11/2015

Photos of the three Barnard brothers who enlisted, courtesy of Anne Course 9/11/2015

An article about Walker-L-R-F-Pte-3517 missing at Mouquet Farm, 1916  by Rod Martin 6/11/2015

An article about Coe-F-A-Pte-286 of the 2nd Machine Gun Co, by Rod Martin 30/10/2015

An article about Fallshaw-P-C-Pte-3061 of the 39th Bn, who returned, by Rod Martin 28/9/2015

An article about Bale-W-J-Pte-3348 of the 38th Inf Bn, by Rod Martin  2/09/15

An article about Essay-C-W-Pte-618, posted missing at The Nek, by Rod Martin  30/8/2015

Article about Chapman E H S 2nd Lieut of the 7th Inf Bn, by Rod Martin  20/8/2015

Article about Herman-E-Pte-1770  who survived Lone Pine, by Matt Freckleton 1/08/2015

The story of  Gentles-F-H-Pte-4104 stretcher-bearer, by Lenore Frost 16/7/2015 

Completed checking I surnames through AWM search engine  4/7/2015

Completed checking H surnames through AWM search engine 30/6/2015

Catholic Young Men's Society Honour Roll

Letters of Goode-L-J-Pte-353 from Heliopolis, Lemnos and Gallipoli, courtesy of Val Johnson & Jan Stoll, 10/6/2015

Photo of the 3rd Pioneer Battalion Headquarters Company, courtesy of Judith Williams, 31/05/2015

The story of Young-W-Pte-3960  who disappeared at Moquet Farm, by Rod Martin 31/5/2015

The story of Iles-C-T-B-Pte-2388  who disappeared at Pozieres, by Rod Martin 21/5/2015.

Completed checking G surnames through AWM search engine 8/4/2015

An article about 2nd Lieut R W Hunter by Rod Martin 3/4/15

New article about Hunter-D--A-g-Cpl-1912 a boy from Kensington, by Rod Martin 23/3/2015

An article about Barbour-R-T-A-g-Cpl-4976 whose grave was lost, by Rod Martin 7/03/2015

An article about Wood-H-V-2nd-Lieut   by Natalie Stone  6/3/2015

An article about   Olley-A-A-Pte-3448, a butcher who went to the slaughter, by Rod Martin 20 Feb 2015

Completed checking F surnames through AWM search engine 28/1/2015

Completed checking E surnames through the AWM search engine 27/12/2014

An article about Young-D-H-Gunner-31378 , another underage soldier, by Rod Martin 20/12/2014

Completed checking D surnames through the AWM search engine 18/12/2014

Putting all names through the AWM search engine to pick up any deaths, awards, Red Cross

Correspondence, prisoners of war, etc, not previously noted.  Completed up to end of C 6/12/2014

Completed records for all identifiable volunteers to Z  8/11/2014

An article about Vaughan-S-P-Pte-36 who died at German Officers Trench, by Rod Martin 8/11/2014

Completed records for volunteers' names beginning with W  5/11/2014

An article about PatheĀ“-L-G-Pte-9  by Greg Milne 23/10/2014

Photos, letters, documents, and souvenirs of Anderson-J-G-Driver-2204  added 8/10/2014

The story of Fish-G-M-Pte-99 who served on Lemnos with the 2 Field Amb, by Rod Martin 4/10/2014.

Photo albums created by Anderson G R Pte 2433 while training in England, 1917.  29 Sep 2014.

The story of Williams-F-Pte-2005 underage grocer of Moonee Ponds, by Rod Martin 9 Sep 2014

The story of Gaudie C H M Gunner 22300, labourer of Ascot vale, by Rod Martin 13 Aug 2014.

A photograph of the St-George's-Church-of-England Travancore, 24 July 2014

A photograph of the Flemington-Kensington Presbyterian Honour Boards, 9 July 2014

A list of local volunteers who attended Melbourne High School 9 July 2014

The story of Robert Curwen, Australian Naval and Military Expedition, by Rod Martin 17 May 2014

Completed records for volunteers' names beginning with U and V  30/3/2014

Completed records for volunteers' names beginning with T 26/3/2014

The story of Charles Edward Quinton, a labourer of Moonee Ponds, by Rod Martin 4/03/2014.

The story of John Yates , a railway fireman, killed by friendly fire, told by Rod Martin, 5/2/2014.

Photographs of the 3 Pioneer Battalion Band, courtesy of Judith Williams, 3/2/2014.

Completed records for volunteers' surnames beginning with S  31/1/2014

Correspondence from Easton J T R Pte 3023 to his family added 28/1/2014

Flemington Presbyterian Church  Honour Roll and extracts from the Church News,  23/1/2014

The story of marine fireman Farrell-J-M-Pte-2301 by Rod Martin, 14/12/13

A mourning card for Jennings J E 2nd Lt added, courtesy of John Taylor, 2/12/2013

A portrait of the Preston family of Kensington, with their son Preston-A-C-Pte-4299  superimposed, 29/11/2013

MUIOOF Loyal Albert Lodge Honour Roll  26/10/2013

'Other rank' wounded in shelling - Pte Arthur W Findlay, by Rod Martin, 24/10/2013

Ascot-Vale-Presbyterian-Church Honour Roll     12/10/2013

The story of Young-W-J-Pte-456, who has no known grave, by Rod Martin, 27/9/2013

The memorial stone for Mackley W G Driver 5319, courtesy of Elizabeth Plummer, 25/9/2013

Completed records for volunteers' surnames beginning with R  22/9/2013

The story of Private C E Wigg, who died at Ypres in 1917  by Rod Martin 9/9/2013

Essendon Fish Protection Society and Angling Club Honour Roll 5/8/2013 

A photo of 58 Inf Bn (Essendon Rifles) just prior to the war, courtesy of Margery Burston 1/08/2013

The photo album of Williams G G Pte 3355 and Williams H J Pte 1791 courtesy of Robin Benjamin 1/8/2013

Photographs of Wilson-G-P-Pte-1100 courtesy of the Wilson family 26/7/2013

The story of Lancaster G R Pte 2894, a bit of a lad, by Rod Martin 18/7/2013

The story of Staff Nurse Lilian Rutherford, who served in Salonika, by Lenore Frost 26/5/2013

The story of Sister Linda Rutherford, who served in Salonika, by Lenore Frost 26/5/2013

The story of Driver Norman Rutherford, who served in France, by Lenore Frost 26/5/2013

The story of O'Dowd R A Pte 462, poet and veterinary student, by Marilyn Kenny 15/5/2013

The story of Sproston L G Pte 724 buried at sea, by Marilyn Kenny 14/04/2013

Completed records for volunteers' surnames beginning with Q 4/04/2013

Completed records for volunteers' surnames beginning with P 3/04/2013

The story of Marshall J E SSM 1070, named on the Lone Pine Memorial, by Marilyn Kenny 1/4/2013

The story of Paterson-G-G-Sapper-120 who was posted as a deserter, by Rod Martin, 29/03/2013

Kensington Salvation Army Honour Roll courtesy of the Salvation Army, Melbourne, 23/3/2013

Photos and letters of Jones-R-W-Cpl-80, courtesy of Brenda Noonan, 12/03/13

The story of Skehan T H A-g Cpl 2142 by Rod Martin 7/3/2013

The story of Gunner George Creese of Kensington, by Rod Martin 5 March 2013

The story of Bill Liston, a local sportsman, by Rod Martin 19 Feb 2013

Complete records for volunteers' surnames beginning with O  16/02/2013

The story of Sergeant A J Vick of Kensington, by Rod Martin, 6/2/2013

Completed records for volunteers' surnames beginning with N (26/1/2013)

The story of the underage soldier Private Alfred Newell of Kensington, by Lenore Frost 21/12/2012

A group photo of the 29th Infantry Battalion, A Company, Broadmeadows, 1915 24/12/2012

Completed records for volunteers surnames  beginning with M (22/12/2012)

Completed adding material about the Maribyrnong-Bagotville Hill Welcome Home Committee 28/11/2012

An article about Bonnefin A C Pte 1111, cousin of General Sir Ian Hamilton, by Rod Martin  15/11/2012

An article about Newall H R Cpl 801 who rowed for the AIF at the Henley Peace Regatta, 1919, by Lenore Frost 30/10/2012

An article about Legg-V-Pte-2005  who received head wounds, by Rod Martin, 9/10/2012

Ascot Vale Methodist Church Honour Roll 4/09/2012

Welcome Home 7 Nov 1918   4/09/2012

Article on Baker-D-G-Driver-1224 who was buried at sea; by Rod Martin 19/8/2012

Article on Middleton E H Pte 2344 who died at Sausage Valley, Pozieres, in 1916, by Rod Martin  8/8/2012

Photographs of brothers Wheatley N C Pte 1091 , Wheatley H D Pte 655 , Wheatley G A Sgt 647 , courtesy of Lorraine Rogers, 11/07/2012

Photographs of brothers Wheatley R L Pte 3292 , Wheatley T C L Cpl 508 , courtesy of Lorraine Rogers 10/11/2012

An article on Galland A G Pte 446 who served at Gallipoli with the 7th Bn, but who died at Westhoek Ridge, by Rod Martin 5/07/2012

An article on Peter D Pte 522  who served with the 8 Light Horse Regiment, by Lenore Frost.  24/06/2012

An article on Yeates W H Pte 2834 who suffered from trench feet and wounds, by Rod Martin, 22/06/2012

An article on Usher J T Sapper 6039 who died of illness, aged 20, by Rod Martin.  11/6/2012

St John's Presbyterian Church  Honour Board  6/6/2012

Yeates J A Pte 3670 died of wounds on his 24th birthday, 1917.  Rod Martin tells the story.  5/06/2012

An article on Waldren W J H Pte 717 who served with the Army Medical Corps, by Jan Colliver 3/06/12

A page added for Samuel Craig's Essendon Grammar School, 1857-1905, attended by some local volunteers 2/06/12

An article on Private George Nelson who served with a Light Trench Mortar Battery,   by Rod Martin 19/05/2012

One Thousand Days with the AIF  A list of soldiers from the local area  who had served 1000 days by July 1917  19/05/2012

An article on Ivers S J Driver 4529  who died after returning to Australia, by Rod Martin 27/04/12

An article on Lang H Pte 903 , killed at the battle of Bullecourt, 1917, by Rod Martin 27/03/2012

Nelson A Pte 3554 brother of Alexander Nelson, Killed in Action at the battle of St Quentin Canal, 1918  article by Rod Martin 17/3/2012

Simonsen J A Pte 3173 of Ascot Vale, later went on to become a foreman at the Cordite Factory. An article by Jim Rowley 14/3/2012.

Private Alexander Nelson of Kensington, KIA an article by Rod Martin 10/3/2012

Flemington Methodist Church Honour Board 4/3/2012

Rawlinson A J Pte 1035    an article about the orphan, by Rod Martin 11/2/1012

O'Callaghan W Pte 2828   an article about the young fellow from Kensington, by Rod Martin  2/2/2012

South Essendon Methodist Church Honour Board 2/2/2012

Newmarket Baptist Church Roll of Honour Honour Board 30/1/2012

East Essendon Methodist Church  Honour Board  27/1/2012

Completed records for volunteers surnames  beginning with L  (26/12/2011)

An article on Private Bert Manderson by Greg Manderson 21/12/2011

An article with photographs of Herweg R H L-Cpl 67 by Lenore Frost 12/12/2011.

Ascot Vale Congregational Church Honour Board  6/12/2011

An article about Lance Corporal W L Colclough by Rod Martin  29/11/2011

St James Church of England, Moonee Ponds Honour Board  20/11/2011

Knox Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour Honour Board 20/11/2011

Private Tom Aldridge, died of Wounds at sea, 1915.  By Rod Martin 14/11/2011.

Maribyrnong-Bagotville Hill Memorial Memorial  20/10/2011

Completed records for volunteers surnames  beginning with K  (5/10/2011)

Private Archie Falconer, died of illness on arrival in England for training.  By Rod Martin  23/09/2011.

2nd Lieutenant Viv Garner, KIA at Messines after getting lost on patrol.  By Rod Martin 17/09/2011.

CQSM Joel Eade, died of illness after return from Egypt.  By Rod Martin 6/09/2011

Completed records for volunteers surnames beginning with J (1/9/2011)

Private Roy Easton  died of wounds after a trench raid, 1916.  By Rod Martin 30/8/2011

Private John Dalglish, succumbed to pneumonia at the war's end.  By Rod Martin 21/8/2011

Sergeant Leo Harty, MM, killed at Messines, 1916.  By Rod Martin  8/8/2011

Lt Rothwell Gordon, Military Cross winner  - was it for eating, as his friends suggested?  By Marjorie Conning 15/07/2011

Private Bert Harvey, died at Pozieres, by Rod Martin, 10/07/2011

Pte John Aldred, court martialled for conduct prejudicial to good order, by Lenore Frost 3/7/2011

Pte George O'Neill, 4 Field Ambulance, wins a Belgian Croix de Guerre, by Rod Martin 1/07/2011

Moonee Ponds Baptist Church Honour Board 26/06/2011

Lieutenant Harry O'Neill - survived the war, by Rod Martin, 23/6/2011

Sapper Frederick Dart, Wireless Training School, discharged due to demobilization of AIF  23/6/2011

Gunner Gordon Doig, Australian Field Artillery, died at Menin Road, 1917, told by Rod Martin 4/06/2011

An article on Aspinall A Pte 759  who fell at Gallipoli, 1915, by Sheila Byard, 3/6/2011

Pte Will Manderson was only nineteen when he died at Bullecourt - told by Rod Martin 30/5/2011

The story of Pte Frank Archer, missing in the Battle of First Bullecourt,  by Rod Martin 27/5/2011

Completed records for volunteers surnames beginning with I  (19/5/2011)

St Paul's Church of England Honour Roll   Honour Board 18/05/2011

Completed records for volunteers surnames beginning with Ho-Hy (17/5/2011)

An article on "Private George Abbott - the man who wasn't there?" by Rod Martin, 15/5/2011

An article on Trooper Herbert James Teather, who was in the charge at Beersheba in 1917, by Rod Martin 9/5/2011

Completed records for volunteers surnames beginning with Ha-Hi  (23/4/2011)

An article on Private Edwin James George Pitman, the top mathematics student in the state, by Sheila Byard 21/04/2011

An article on Private Thomas Hill, father of Arthur Hill who was KIA aged 16, by Lenore Frost 21/4/2011

An item on the Essendon Gazette Roll of Honour 9/4/2011

An article on Private Arthur Hill, enlisted aged 15, KIA in France aged 16, by Lenore Frost 4/4/2011

An article  on Lieutenant Leonard Waller Heathcote, AFC, prisoner of war in Palestine, by Rod Martin, 2/4/2011

An article on Private Ellis Stones who survived the landing at Gallipoli, by Rod Martin, 25/3/2011

An article on Private Morgan Adams who died after the war from the effects of gas, by Kerryn Taylor 23/3/2011

An article on 2nd Lt Kenneth Walker who died of wounds received at Steele's Post, by Rod Martin 20/3/2011

Photographs of the grave of 'Pompey' Elliott, taken by Rod Martin, 19/3/2011

An article on Captain Cedric Holroyd Permezel, died of wounds received at Steele's Post, by Rod Martin 15/03/2011

Material relating to Thaw A J L Cpl 1001 and Glide F W Pte 1997 provided by Sheila Byard 14/03/2011

Material relating to Private Arthur Leslie Beachcroft of Moonee Ponds, courtesy of Anne McLeish 18/2/2011

St Thomas' Church of England Roll of Honour  Honour Board 23/1/2011

An article on Private Colin Robert Aitken by Sheila Byard  13/01/2011

Essendon State School   Honour Board   10/01/2011

Aberfeldie Bowling Club  Honour Board  8/1/2011

Maribyrnong-Bagotville Hill Welcome Home Committee 2/1/2011

Added material relating to Gunner W J Mountain, courtesy of Don Mountain 1/1/2011

St Thomas's Soldiers' Memorial Hall  Honour Board  27/12/2010

United Ancient Order of Druids (UAOD) Honour Board  26/12/2010

An article on Private J E Phillips, by Rod Martin, 13/12/2010.

Completed records for volunteers surnames beginning with G (10 Dec 2010)

An article on Sapper A G F Galbraith, by Rod Martin, 9/12/2010

An article on Major W B Ryan, AAMC, by Peter Ryan 7/12/2010

An article on Driver A D Galbraith who died on 11/11/1918  by Rod Martin  30/11/2010

An Article on Lt Harold Harthacnut Herbert Locke, by Rod Martin 14/11/2010

Sportsmen's Thousand  23/10/2010

Moonee Ponds West Methodist Church Honour Board 16/10/2020

St Thomas' Grammar School Honour Board 15/10/2010

Photo of the Headquarters Detail, 7th Infantry Battalion, courtesy of Margery Burston, 1914  1/10/2010

North Essendon Methodist Church Honour Board  29/9/2010

Photo of Bert and Ernie Manderson in Egypt, courtesy of Greg Manderson, 24/9/2010

Honour Roll for the Northern Golf Club added 24/9/2010

Completed records for volunteers surnames beginning with F (20 Sep 2010)

An article on  Captain James Frederic Bowtell-Harris, by Rod Martin, 13/9/2010, updated 19/12/2010

Added a page for Died at Gallipoli 13/9/2010

Kensington Methodist Church Honour Board

Completed records for volunteers surnames beginning with E (9 Aug 2010) 

Photos added from the Metropolitan Gas Company tribute to their employees (see Sources), courtesy of Old Gippstown.  

Completed Records for volunteers surnames beginning with D (26 June 2010)

North Suburban Club Honour Board

Essendon Red Cross Society courtesy of Margery Burston

Patriotic Concert, Essendon 1914 

Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board Roll of Honour Honour Board

North Melbourne and Essendon Electric Tramway Company    Roll of Honour - re-created

Completed Records for volunteers surnames  beginning with C (30 May 2010)

Christ Church, Essendon  Honour Board

Flemington Branch Australian Natives Association (ANA)  Honour Board

Flemington branch Protestant Alliance Friendly Society Honour Board

Cordite Factory Honour Board, Maribyrnong  Honour Board

Flemington State School No 250 Honour Board  Honour Board

Photos of the Jacobsohn/Jacobson family, courtesy of Margery Burston

Essendon Rowing Club Roll of Honour  Honour Board

Associated Stock and Station Agents of Melbourne Honour Board

Jacobsohn/Jacobson family photos courtesy of Margery Burston.

Ascot Vale State School "Noble Deeds"

"Send-off to the Essendon Boys" held at the Essendon Town Hall, September 1914.

Photos of the Anderson brothers, Buckley Park, Essendon (now Niddrie), courtesy of Bev Armstrong.

Completed Records for volunteers surnames  beginning with A

Honour Board Essendon High School  Honour Board

Honour Boards Essendon Town Hall                                                                       

Volunteers' Addresses                                                                                   

Honour Board Moonee Ponds West State School  Honour Board                                                

Photos and article on 3698 Pte Robert John Bruce, courtesy of Ken Wright            

Letters and postcards of 1139 Pte Frederick William Wright courtesy of Ken Wright

Letters and postcards of 3953 Pte Charles Ison Wright, courtesy of Ken Wright      

Letters and postcards of 1138 Pte Albert Edward Wright courtesy of Ken Wright    

Letters and postcards of 151 Pte Henry James Wright courtesy of Ken Wright        


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