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Associated Stock and Station Agents of Melbourne

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Honour Rolls


Photograph by Jenny Coates.

Many of the names on the board will not be of local men.



The Associated Stock and Station Agents of Melbourne

The Great War 1914-1918




Adamson W V

Ainslie, G M

Archer, A B

Barrington, D

Blair W A Jr *

Bechervaise, N E*

Boland, W P

Cameron, J J

Cameron, N W

Charlton, R

Clifton, C

Cox, W S

Colclough, H G H

Colclough, J G

Cooper, L F

Clyne, A D

Clyne, T N

Dawson, J D

Davis, D A

Densley, H P

Edwards, C

Farrant, O C H *

Fraser, W T

Forster, L W*

Gardiner, C

Grant, G S

Gill, F

Goodwin, S

Goldson, W

Gourlay, J A

Guthrie, H

Gundry, J T

Hawkins, T L

Hummerston, G*

Jenner, W E

Johnston, A

Johnston, E

Jones, D R

Kay, F F

Kirk, H C

Kirk, J

Klaws, M N

Kelsall, G

King, D R A

Lang, W*

Lester, R*

Lillie, C McE

Lillies, H E

Lobban, R

Macfarlane, I

Marchant, L

Mason, J E

Meehan, M

Morpeth, D M

Moylan, E

Mullins, G J

McDonald, D

McDonald, F J*

McIlwraith, D K*

McIndoe, W

McKinley, H

McMillan, R

McNamara, D

McNamara, R J

McPherson, J

Nancarrow, V

O'Leary, R

Osborne, C

Parlett, W C

Paterson, A B

Patterson, R K

Peck, E H H

Rankin, H

Reilly, W

Roberts, H A

Scott, S E

Spence, A G

Smith, A

Smith, M R M

Summers, R*

Taverner, N

Trenchard, C W

Wallace, J P

Whinfield, W M

Whitelaw, J

Williams, G G

Wilkinson, L

Wilkinson, L H

Winfield, J

Young G

Original source of names: A photograph of the honour board by Ellen Walsh is included in

One the fall of the hammer:a personal history of the Newmarket saleyards by Keith Vincent. 


There are two versions of this honour board.  The one which hung at Newmarket Saleyards is now at Museum Victoria in Melbourne, currently on display, and the one pictured above was originally hung at the Associated Stock and Station Agents of Melbourne city office in Bourke St, Melbourne, but is now at the Pakenham Saleyards. 


The Associated Stock and Station Agents of Melbourne have arranged
for two honor boards as a tribute to the members of staffs of associated
agents who have gone to the front. The first board was unveiled this

afternoon in the offices at 481 Bourke street by Mr. D. Mackinnon,

Director-General of Recruiting, and the other will be erected soon at the Newmarket sale yards.

HONOR BOARD UNVEILED (1917, June 25). The Herald

(Melbourne, Vic. : 1861 - 1954), p. 1.  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article242690521

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