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Patriotic Concert, Essendon Town Hall, 1914

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Honour Rolls


City of Essendon Patriotic Concert, 8th September 1914


Nulli Cedere

58  Essendon Rifles

City of Essendon

Patriotic Concert

To Celebrate the Departure of Residents of the City who are going on Active Service with the

First Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force.  Town Hall, Tuesday 8th September 1914.

John Woods, Hon Sec.  D Cameron Hon Treas.  Cr J Goldsworthy, Mayor







The names are transcribed below.  The annotated asterisk indicates how many of this first contingent of young men died on Active Service.  Some have not yet been identified and some don't yet have an individual page.


Adams R

Ainsworth C D

Allen J  *

Anderson D C

Angus J S *

Armstrong P R

Arroll J C D


Austin A

Austin J E

Avard C

Bale C *

Barker H A

Bevan H R

Bone A W

Bowman F S

Bowring D

Bowtell-Harris J F

Bramley W H

Broadbent J E

Brown A G

Brown A J T

Bunning R A *

Burdeu C A *



Butler J F

Butt R *

Carless J N *

Carroll M D E

Chambers E M *

Chapman E H S *

Clowe C P

Collins A J #

Collins F E #

Connell W J

Cowan C D

Cowan H K


Danaher E B *

Darcy T J

Deeble A V

Dellar S J

Dickinson V R

Dowlan G

Downing E W

Eastwood R

Elliott, H E, Lt-Col

Elliot W W H

Ellis H J R

Evans A *

Fraser A

Fredericks G

Galland A G

Garner G *

Gideon G

Gilchrist G A

Giles H C

Goodall H T

Goulding S J *

Greig G F *

Griffith G R *

Harty L J *

Hayes A M *

Heighway A R

Heron H J

Heron W L

Hill W C *

Hoare J P *

Hopkins E J

Hopkins J W

Hosking B P

Howes G S

Hutton P M

Inches T C

Jackson A

Jackson H E

Jacobsohn J R

James A

Johnson C F *

Jones C E *

Junior E W *

Keam H M  *

Kelly H V

Knight J V

McCauley N

Madden P J

Maine C E

Mathews J R

Matthews T

McArthur A J *

McDonald     *

McGregor C H L

McGregor L C H *

McKaige E C

McNab D

Middleton C H

Minto W

Moore J E

Morgan C H

Morris L F

Morrison R A *

Mulkearns J L *

Munro J S

Neal R R

Nelson C

Nelson Pte

Nicholson W

O'Neill H F

Odgers C V

Park E R

Paterson G G

Permezel C H *

Pettigrew T C *

Powell L T

Prunty H C

Ransom R K

Reville N

Roberts A

Robertson T

Rochstein F S

Rogers A E *

Rogers F O

Ryan V C M

Sangston A J

Scanlan J J

Scharness C *

Seeley J *

Simpkins E S

Simpson J P Earle

Sproston L G *

Steeth W J *

Stephens R C *

Stone-R-F-Pte-435  *

Stones E A

Styring P J

Swaby T H

Swift C H

Thompson J

Tytherleigh J A C *


Webb H  *
Wells R W *

Whitelaw J

Williams R

Wills W H *

Woods H J

Woods J W *

Wylie A J

Young A T *

Young R T Pte

Young W J  *

                    # not local


Program courtesy of Margery Burston, a relative of the Jacobsohn family.



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