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Flemington State School

Page history last edited by Lenore Frost 3 years, 3 months ago

Honour Rolls


No 250 

Flemington State School

Roll of Honour

For God, King and Country

1914               1919


Flemington State School No 250, Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington.  The board has been beautifully

restored by Ross Leopold.  Photo courtesy of Flemington Primary School, 2015.



Allum C
Angus J S*
Armstead W A
Askew A
Aspinall F
Aspinall H*
Aspinall N
Ballinger F

Barnes R
Barnett W
Barton F
Bates J
Bathersby K
Begg J G
Butler R
Carliss N [*]
Chamberlain C
Chamberlain F
Chamberlain W
Christie H L
Christie L
Clarke E H
Clome M
Cooper G
Cooper N
Cory T
Cruichshank T
Dallimore W E
Dallimore W E J
Dalton G
Dalton Geo
Debney O
Dellar S
Dewar E
Eastwood R
Elder R
Ellis A
Ellis Alb
Ellis W

Elsey A

Findlay J
Findlay L [*]
Fletcher J
Furphy H S
Gill A
Gill A T

Girdwood W

Glanville R

Gordon V
Halliday A*
Heggan R

Holland E
Hooper R
Hooper W N D
House A D
Jacques G
Jeffs W
Jones T *
Jordan H
Kemp E
Kidd J
Langford W
Larsen H
Leach F
Lynch H I
Lynch V
Lyons F
Magnus A E *
Magnus G H
Marshall A
Marshall C F  *
Martin H
McAlpine T
McNair R J
Memery V
Miller C
Missen A
Mitchell A
Mitchell D
Morris L
Morrison J
Morrison R
Morrison W
Murphy A
Murphy J
Murphy R
Murphy S T
Nicholls D
Nicholson W
Ogilvie C
Paget L B
Parris H
Passmore R

Payne H *

Pearse F W

Peirce L

Peirce R
Polwarth G*
Pride F
Pridham F
Quinton F
Rainsbury A
Raisbeck H
Raisbeck R
Rankine A
Redfern A
Richards C
Richards H S
Richards J W
Ryan H
Salter E M
Scott H
Scott N Nurse
Scott S
Shields L
Stanton A
Stanton E
Stanton R
Stone E
Story G
Symes R *
Thomas F
Topham J
Topham L
Topham W
Tucker J
Urie R
Vaughan S

Waldron H *
Waldron M
Whitcroft F
Wickham E F
Wickham N
Wickham P
Williamson E
Williamson L *
Wills W*
Winston E G
Young A
Young P*
Young R 

   *Supreme Sacrifice


The executive of the Sturt street Men's branch, Essendon Red Cross Society (Metal Workers' Section) desire to thank those scholars at the Flemington State school who voluntarily and in their own playtime undertook certain work, viz., filing and burnishing over 1000 pieces of metal connected with surgical appliances for shattered limbs, thus  facilitating the assembling and rapid completion of these instruments for prompt despatch to Flanders, and also Mr. W. McK. Gordon for supplying the necessary tools for the work.


It does not appear to be generally recognised among the local residents that the opportunity exists for those unable to serve the Empire other wise, to render valuable assistance by joining the working parties in the preparation of the numberless articles which are being called for by the various Red Cross Societies and rendered absolutely necessary during this struggle, which the lists of casualties reveal from time to time. When our soldiers return they must surely differentiate in their estimation of the men who have given up their leisure evenings and holidays to provide these requisites, against those who have neither worked nor fought for their country in its present, grave crisis. In many instances time to the value of over £20 per man--in less than four months - has been furnished by "Uardy," Sturt street, and other local working parties against which the contribution of a few shillings, involving no sacrifice, sinks into insignificance. In the not far distant future the question will be asked in no uncertain language, "What did you do for your country?"


ST. THOMAS LADIES' GUILD. (1916, July 13). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 1 Edition: Morning.. Retrieved March 29, 2015, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74593449



Mrs. G Wiseman, of Bass, has received news that her brother, 2nd Lieut. Leslie H. Bignell, was admitted to hospital on July 31 severely wounded. Lieut. Bignell was formerly a scholar at the Flemington State school.


CALL FOR MEN. (1916, August 17). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 8. Retrieved March 29, 2015, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article1613330



The Flemington State School Honour Boards in its unrestored condition. 

Photo: Lenore Frost, 2010.


The board was re-dedicated on the Centenary of Anzac, 2015.  Photo:  Lenore Frost, 2015.

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