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Flemington Branch Australian Natives Association (ANA)

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Honour Rolls


This board is in the the former Kensington Town Hall, Bellair St, Kensington.   Photo:  Lenore Frost


Anderson C J

Barnes R J

Battersby C

Beck J R

Brook W H

Brown A G

Butt H J

Cahill H

Callander A

Callander C A

Callander R M

Chamberlain C M

Chamberlain F

Chamberlain W R

Cheffers J

Cock W A

Coles S W

Cook A W

Coutts W E

Crichton W R

Cropley A E

Cropley H

Cross C R

Dallimore W E

Day C

Day E

Debney N

Dedrick W J

Doig A L

Donovan J P 

Downing W G

Earl B G

Eddy J H

Edwards D J

Elder R J

Felton E W

Fenton W E

Ferri B

Frankel E

Gaffney F A

Gill A T

Glendinning A D

Grant E

Green W J

Green A V

Greeves J R

Greives J M

Hancock R N

Harrison C H

Helliar H C

Hicks G J

Hooper W D N

Hopkins J W

House A D

Incoll J N

Jackson H G

Johns S

Johnston G N

Jones R

Keith A G

In Memoriam

We mourn these

our beloved Dead

Chamberlain F R

Cheffers W G

Corrigan W H

Dalgleish N

Danaher E

Danks, J

Day H W

Fish G M

Gorin W

Greig G F

Hearle E

Lawrence C

Malcolm L

McCallum W J

Neely J

Polwarth G

Preston A C

Pring B

Scully H

Sedgeman T

Thorburn W H     

Vick A

Watson J R

Webb E

Wood E C

Lest we Forget 

Keith W S G

Larsen A H

Lee H

Leitch N W

Liddle A

Liston W F

Longden R P

Lynch H V

Madden D A

Maine C E

Malone H W

Malone J

Markey A J

McFadyen C H

McLean R R

Mills W T

Mongan W E

Myers J L

Neale S D

Oke S T

Ough D

Ough H W

Parris H D

Paterson A B

Paterson G G

Patrick J A

Petterson F J

Pickett E F

Pike A J

Powell W R

Preston A F

Preston O B

Pretty E

Primrose A G

Roberts ??

Robinson W

Rochester D G

Ross A G

Sandbach W

Sayer C G

Scorer H R

Sharp G W A

Shurey A R

Simmonds H L

Simpson C O

Smith E A

Styring P J

Suckling G E

Tenni B T

Thaw A J

Trapp W C

Trengove V

Vallance J C

Vallance J J

Whitford W H

Wishart R H

Woodward H L

This board is located in the Lodge Room of the Kensington Town Hall.



Essendon Gazette, 3 May 1915


Out of 30 members of the Flemington Branch, ANA, who have volunteered for military service, three now at Broadmeadows are office-bearers, viz.: Messrs. A. D. Glendenning (president), G. N. Johnston (ex-president), and C H McFadyen (Vice President) The members of the branch have decided to give the departing soldiers a suitable send-off, and each will be made the recipient of a presentation. 




The fortnightly meeting of the above branch was hold on 16th inst., C. Easey presiding over a good attendance of members....


A roll of honour, containing the names of members who are now on active service, was hung in the lodge room, and expressions of admiration, on the appearance of same were heard on all sides. A motion congratulating Cr. Goldsworthy on the work was carried unanimously. It was with deep regret that a motion conveying the deepest sympathy of the branch was passed to the parents of E. J. Danaher, the first of the members to fall at the Dardanelles. The same was sent to the wife of an old member Mr. J. Scales). The names of members now on active service are as follows:-C. Anderson, A. G. Brown, F. R. Chamberlain, H. Cahill, C. R. Cross, L. E. Day (wounded), W. H. Day, E. Danaher (killed), G. M. Fish, Sergt. D. J. Edwards, G. F. Greig, F. Gaffney, A. T. Gill, A. D. Glendenning, J. W. Hopkins, W. D. Hooper, S. Johns, H. G. Jackson, R. H. Kidd, Cyril Lawrence, L. Malcolm, C. H. McFadgen, C. Maine, J. Neeley, G. G. Patterson, A. F. Preston, Lieut. W. H. Roberts, P. J. Styring, D. G. Thompson, A. J. Shaw, E. O. Wood, G. N. Johnston. ....


FLEMINGTON BRANCH A.N.A. (1915, June 24). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 1 Edition: Morning.  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74589194


Essendon Gazette 8 July 1915


A letter of condolence was sent to the parents of Sergt. G. F. Greig, who has been killed in action; also a letter of sympathy to the parents of C. Lawrence. who has been wounded.


Essendon Gazette 7 August 1915


The fortnightly meeting of the above branch was held on the 28th ult., when Mr. C. Easey presided. Two new members were welcomed, and one proposed. Messrs. A. Glendenning, T. Sudgman, and C. Cross were present on leave from Seymour. The secretary read the following list of members who have enlisted since last meeting:—A. Doig, V. Trugeon, T. Sudgeman, T. White, H. J. Butt, S. Neale, A. W. Burlison, R. H. Wishart (committee), A. J. Ross, W. Mongon, W. Dalgleish, W. Corrigan, A. S. Thomas, B. Ferri, B. Pring, H. Parris, A. Liddell, making the total to date 66. Members were congratulating themselves on their success in having secured a public  'phone placed on the Kensington station, but a rude shock was given by member Hanrahan, who stated that three weeks ago a silent cabinet was placed in position—so good so far; but the trouble is that it has been silent ever since. No wires have been connected, or any attempt made to do so.  It was resolved that the secretary communicate with Mr. Fenton, M.H.R., on the matter. The item on syllabus was a tournament debate, but the secretary  received notice that for some reason or other the debaters would not be  present, so members for once were able to go home early. Next meeting. August 11th, syllabus item: Lecture by Mr. Blackburn, M.L.A. Subject: "The Army and the People."


The Argus 12 November 1919




The Kensington Town Hall was crowded last night, when the Flemington branch of  the Australian Natives Association welcomed home members who had returned  from the front. Mr. A. C Ostrom (an ex  chief president of the A.N.A.) unveiled an  honour board, on which were the names  of  members of the Flemington branch of  the A.N.A. who had enlisted for active service. He said that 142 members went to  the front, and 25 made the supreme sacrifice. Messrs. D. J. Edwards and G. V.  Johnston (sic) returned thanks for the honour board on behalf of the soldiers. The "Last  Post" was sounded by the band of the  Ascotvale Senior Cadets.



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