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Kensington Methodist Church Roll of Honour

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Honour Rolls




The former Kensington Methodist Church in McCracken St, Kensington, now Christ Church, Kensington  (Photo:  Lenore Frost, 2011)


Kensington Methodist (now Uniting) Church, McCracken Street, Kensington  Roll of Honour

(Photo:  Lenore Frost)



Aitken C*
Alloway A
Andrewartha R
Arndell G
Aspinall F* (sic)
Baker M
Bell L
Bennett F
Blythe J
Bohmer W
Brown P
Buckley B
Buckley J
Bunting A E
Burne E
Busch F J
Butt T
Caddell J  *
Cairncross G
Campbell G
Carriss C*
Carriss G
Cheffers J
Cheffers W*
Clapson H
Cloak P
Collins C
Cox F E
Curnick H T
Dallimore W E J
Dangerfield P
Danks J*
Danks W*
Darke F
Davis T
Day C F
Day H W*
Day L E
Dodd R
Duncombe A
Duncombe V
Edwards D jun
Edwards D sen
Fairless R
Felton E
Fiddes D*
Findlay A
Fogarty W
Fogarty Wm
Gill A
Gillies N
Girdwood W
Goodman L
Goodwin L
Goodwin S*
Gordon J
Grandin C
Groves C
Harrison H
Harrison H*
Harrison J
Hatherley C
Hazel R
Hearle E*
Heaton W
Hill W
Hinwood L G
Hughes L
Hutchinson A
Hyde L*
Iles C*
Jay A E
Jay L
Jay W W
Jewkes W
Johnson G
Kearton J
Keith A G
Keith G W S
Kelly R*
Kidd H
Kidd J
Langford P
Lathleen L
Lee H
Leitch N
Leitch R
Liddle A

Lindsay Frank*
Lindsay Fred
Lock H B
Lowe H E
Macauley J
McCallum J *
McPherson D
Michaelson E
Mingst F
Mongan W
Morey A

Morey F
Morey H
Mottershead E
Mottershead V
Murray E ...
Meyers C
Meyers J
Nelson C
Nelson H B *
Nelson S
Nelson T Jun
Nelson T sen
Ogier C
Oke L
Oke S
Orchard J
Pain H*
Pain L
Palmer A
Patrick A
Patrick R*
Peck F J
Peck H
Penny F
Penrose C S
Penrose W V
Pollock C
Pollock J
Provis V *
Reeves E
Rentoul A
Rentoul D*
Rentoul F

Rentoul T C Rev
Richards R
Roberts W H
Robertson A E

Robinson R
Rogers A
Rogers G
Scott L
Sheldrick A
Sherson J
Simmonds E
Simpson W P
Stevens L
Stone F
Suckling G E
Thorburn W
Tregear S
Turner F
Turner J
Tytler S
Urwin A W
Waddell R
Wales H
Walmsley A J *
Walmsley C
Warren L*
Weir M
Wellman P
Wells R *
Wells S
Whitcroft F
White A
White A J
White E
White F
White H*
White T
White V
Wigley L
Wilson R
Windram G
Windram M *
Wingate R



This family memorial for the Danks brothers was also installed

in this church.  (Photo:  Lenore Frost, 2011)


Wedding of Florance Duncombe and Edward Draper, late 22 Bn.  Florance was the sister of Duncombe-V-G-Pte-2494, and the best man was Tytler-S-J-Pte-5919 both late 22 Bn.  The marriage was performed by  Rentoul-T-C-Chaplain-4th-class

Family Notices. (1921, May 19). Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic. : 1885 - 1939), p. 24. Retrieved May 25, 2015, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article146719121  



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