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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918


I would like to acknowledge and thank the following people or organisations for their

generous contributions to this Commemorative website:



Photo containing Cowan H K Pte 14 and Cowan C D L-Cpl 415
Anderson, Bev & Mark For a photograph of Gooparle, the home of Jamieson J M-Pte-16712
Ansell, Marie For a photograph of Davis-J-C-Sgt-1149
Armstrong, Bev

For access to material about her Anderson uncles, James Anderson.

Gordon Anderson, Don Anderson, and Bill Anderson.

Barber, Walter J R Photographs and documents relating to Snape H J-ABD-145 and Snape-R-O-Pte-8651.
Barraclough, Linda and Old Gippstown For access to the Tribute to those employees of The Metropolitan Gas Company who served in the Great War, 1914 -  1919 and the Record of war service of bank and staff 1914-1919
Beamish, Janine For access to the photo albums of Anderson G R Pte 2433.
Benjamin, Robin For permission to scan the photo album sent home by Williams G G Pte 3355  and Williams H J Pte 1791.
Boyce, Kate For a photo of Locke-R-C-Pte-1351 and Jewkes W G CSM 142.
Brown, Ray For a photograph of Gentles-F-H-Pte-4104
Burston, Marjorie For access to material about the Jacobsohn family.
Byard, Sheila For assistance in accessing the honour boards at the Kensington Town Hall and Christ Church, information on E H H Peck; Kensington State School;  articles about Cairncross G Pte 2124Aitken C R Pte 1113Aspinall A Pte 759, Glide F W Pte 1997, Pitman E J G Pte 61507Thaw A J L Cpl 1001
Cathie, Robert Photograph of present day Anzac Cove on this page Danaher-E-B-Pte-477
Chenhall family Photo showing Chenhall-C-W-H-Sgt-788, McRae G A Gunner 28439, and Trathan-H-S-Gunner-33162
Clarke, Liz Photos and documents for Clarke-M-G-H-Pte-5353  
Coates, Jenny For photographing the Honour Board of the Associated Stock and Station Agents, providing photos and information on Warry E E Pte 2915,   and information on Legg-V-Pte-2005
Colliver, Jan For an article, photos and documents on Waldren W J H Pte 717. Photo of the Portland RSL tablet and Portland War Memorial featuring Garner-G-G--L--Sgt-411,
Comb, Maree Photo of Somme souvenir.
Conning, Marjorie Story and photos of Gordon R A Cpl 956 and Gordon A W Pte 2116
Cooper, Brigid Help in identifying Wood-E-C--A-g-Sgt-1751, Ransom R K Bugler 536
Course, Anne Photos of Barnard-I-J-Pte-1908, Barnard-V-A-Pte-5473, Barnard-G-O-Pte-560
Court, Philip, Rev. For allowing me to copy the Flemington Presbyterian Church News, 1917-1922.
Cumming, Juddy and Steve  For a photo of  Parker-H-C-Sgt-715
Daniels, Robert For a portait of Alloway-A-J-Pte-2106
Dart, Frank For photographs of Dart F R Sapper discharged
Davies, Joanne For a portrait of Bingham-R-C-Pte-717
Davies, Louise Memorabilia and photographs of Wheatley R L Pte 3292  and Wheatley T C L Cpl 508, also of 1LHR in Cairo 1915.
Duffield, Malcolm For information and photo about Dickinson V R O R Sergt 3 and Dickinson F S Sgt 5004
Dusek family For photos, letters and memorabilia for Stelling-G-Pte-1960
Eastwood, David Photographs of Eastwood F Sapper 3639
Edwards, Ian Photograph of the grave of Mott-A-E-P-Sgt-309, buried in Montrose, Scotland, and an airman's funeral.
Elder, Merrilyn Image of the diary of Vosti-L-J-Pte-49
Fitzgerald, Carole Photographs of Villers-Bretonneux memorial for Bulman H Pte 1122, Cronin P F Pte 137
Freckelton, Matt Article and photographs of Herman-E-Pte-1770
Germon, Barbara Photograph of her relative Lieutenant Stanley Towns on wedding day of his friend,   Greeves J R Pte 340, France, 1918. Also includes Newall H R Cpl 801.
Gilbert, John For photographs of  and  information about the Herweg brothers:  Herweg J C Pte 1032 , Herweg R H L-Cpl 67  and  Herweg T G Driver 2958
Gilham, Olive For photographs of Goode-L-J-Pte-353
Glasby, Jan For photos, documents, and lengthy correspondence over a period of years about the family of Vosti-L-J-Pte-49
Griffin, Cheryl Information relating to Mikkelsen-N-N-Pte-6844 and his brother. Also Lloyd G F Sgt 11821.  Information and a photograph of Martin-P-J-Pte-3399 gravestone.
Griffiths, Jena Photograph of the Griffiths family gravestone Griffiths-R-E-Pte-428
Haines, Lynn Copies of correspondence from Easton J T R Pte 3023
Haynes, Geoff Photographs of Livesay-J-C-Pte-67 and the Naval & Military Expeditionary Force. Photograph and information on Eastwood R Cpl 412
Hawkes, Stephen For a photograph and information on McHutchison R Pte 3886.
Hill-Coleman, Louise For photos and information about Hill A Pte 2537 amd Hill T Pte 3798
Jenifer For photographs and information on Wallis H L Pte 2911   Wallis F V Pte 5538
Johnson, Rodd For photographs of the Kaighin family Kaighin-C-P-G-Pte
Johnson, Val For letters of Goode-L-J-Pte-353 to his sister Ethel
Kaighin, Greg For photographs of the Kaighin family Kaighin-C-P-G-Pte
Kenny, Marilyn For articles on Disloyalty in the Essendon DistrictEssendon-Red-Cross-Ambulances, Essendon Town Hall Honour BoardsJohn Goldsworthy, Mayor of Essendon 1914Hogan-J-S-Pte-5889 , Hughston-J-MajKelleher-J-H-Pte-2685Marshall J E SSM 1070, O'Dowd R A Pte 462, Sproston L G Pte 724, Snapshots from Home LeagueTroopship-Boonah-and-the-1919-influenza-epidemic , images of Daws-H-U-Pte-5006, Daws-F-U-Gunner-11751, Gilmore-A-Pte-6413
Knight, Betty Photo of Knight-J-V-Pte-1161 ,
Kruijshoop, Alfred
For photo of Roll of Honour for Sproston L G Pte 724
Laskowski, Christine Postcard of RMS Orontes
Latchford, Mark Photographs of Latchford-E-W-Lt
Latham, William For photographs of Rowe-B-F-Cpl-341 name at the Arras Flying Services Memorial.
Lawless, Kate For photographs of Tuohy-A-St-G-Pte-518
Leary, Helen For transcription of letters by Goode-L-J-Pte-353;   checking AWM for soldiers Y-Z.
Lee, Lucy For a portait of Phelan-G-J-Pte-3119
Lee, Nan For copies of postcards sent home by Vosti-L-J-Pte-49
Lockett, Elizabeth For photo of Harvey J D Pte 2160 and Harvey A E Pte 2261. 14/12/2012
Love, Christine For information about Dooley R Cpl 90, Lang H Pte 903, Lang T J Sgt 15-118, Weatherley-E-J-Gunner-38018, Williams-F-Pte-2005
Mackay, Heather of the North Melbourne Library in Errol Street for access to material from her database of volunteers from the Kensington and Flemington area.
Mackay, Robert Photo of Robins W Pte 724 of Moonee Ponds.
Manderson, Greg For information relating to the Manderson, Lukey, Harvey, Soutter, Watt, and Doig volunteers; a photo of A L G Manderson in Egypt;  photos showing Bert and Ernie Manderson in Zeitoun; photos of the graves of Gordon Doig and Will Manderson; of the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, and the Moquet Farm Cemetery; memorial of Harvey A E Pte 2261. Article on Manderson A L G Pte 3360 . Photo of Wallis-A-Pte-727.
Mannix, Terry Photos of Duncan-A-W-Sapper-17455 and Wickham-F-H-Staff-Sergt-9
Martin, Rod For soldiers' stories: Abbott G 6465Aldridge T H Pte 2102, Archer-F-D-Pte-6457Baker D G Driver 1224Bale-W-J-Pte-3348, Barbour-R-T-A-g-Cpl-4976, Bloomfield-C-M-Pte-3686Bloomfield-W-J-Pte-1075Bonnefin A C Pte 1111, Botterill-F-C-Pte-4736Bowtell-Harris J F Pte 467Cashmore DChapman E H S 2nd Lieut, Coe-F-A-Pte-286, Colclough W L T Pte 5561, Coles-D-F-C-Lt, Creese G H Gunner 31370 Curwen-R-Sgt-7460, Dale-J-W-Pte-3095, Dalglish J Pte 5821Danaher-E-B-Pte-477, Davey-A-W-Pte-983, Doig C G Pte 993Eade J R Pte 4487Easton J T R Pte 3023Eddy-J-H-W-Pte-3719Essay-C-W-Pte-618, Fairlie-E-R-Pte-993, Fallshaw-P-C-Pte-3061, Fanner-G-W-Pte-2315, Farrant O C H Gunner 22254Falconer-A-A-H-Pte-2407, Farrell-J-M-Pte-2301, Findlay A W Pte 305Fish-G-M-Pte-99, Galbraith A D, Galbraith AGFGalland A G Pte 446, Garner-V-G-Cpl-54Gaudie C H M, Gunner 22300Gaudie-S-R-Pte-1858George-A-T-Sgt-515, Hall-W-J-Pte-109Harty L J Pte 449, Harvey A E Pte 2261, Heathcote L W Sgt 294, Hogg-T-B-Driver-2855Hunter-D--A-g-Cpl-1912Hunter R W Sgt 1103Iles-C-T-B-Pte-2388, Ivers S J Driver 4529,  James-B-P-Pte-6878A, Keam-H-M--Pte-481 , Lancaster G R Pte 2894 Lang H Pte 903Legg-V-Pte-2005Liston W F Pte 1923, Locke-H-H-H-Lt, Locke-R-C-Pte-1351, Manderson W Pte 5626Kerr-R-Pte-400 , Nelson-H-2nd-Air-Mechanic-3405O'Leary-E-Pte-706Oakley-L-C-Pte-164 , Outhred-J-C-Pte-582Smith-E-Pte-3407 McKay L W Pte 3092Middleton E H Pte 2344, Milne-H-Pte-7886Nash-F-B-Pte-303Neilson-N-R-Gunner-27766Nelson A Pte 3553, Nelson A Pte 3554, Nelson G Pte 1981, Nickelson-E-F-Sapper-2282O'Callaghan W Pte 2828Olley-A-A-Pte-3448, O'Neill G J Pte 5515, O'Neill-H-F-Pte-491Paterson-G-G-Sapper-120Peck EHH, Permezel C H CaptPhillips J E Pte 254Quill-J-E-Farrier-Sgt-488Quinlan-J-E-Pte-2315 ,  Quinton-C-E-Driver-1151Raff-A-J-Pte-326 ,  Rawlinson A J Pte 1035Skehan T H A-g Cpl 2142, Smith W G Gunner 29578Steeth-W-J-Bugler-455 , Stones E A Pte 437Tatterson-J-F-Gunner-2121Taylor-H-R-Sapper-1799   Teather H J Pte 1569Usher J T Sapper 6039, Vaughan-S-P-Pte-36Vick-A-J-Cpl-646, Walker-L-R-F-Pte-3517, Walker K L L Cpl 438Wigg-C-E-Pte-2420, Williams-F-Pte-2005, Yeates J A Pte 3670Yates-J-Pte-6848, Yeates W H Pte 2834, Youlden-F-H-Gunner-20021, Young-A-T-Cpl-414   Young-D-H-Gunner-31378, Young-W-Pte-3960Young-W-J-Pte-456   and photographs of the graves of Elliott H E Lieut Col and Baker W Col Sgt 290; a German Field Gun, Gallipoli boat and a minenwerfer.
McDonald family

Photos of Heathershaw-W-C-Pte-13954 McDonald-B--K

Hutchison-A-J-Pte-61411 Moonee Ponds Methodist Church Hosking-A-Pte-17364

McDonald, Neil For a photographs and  information for Davis J C Sgt 1149Wallis F V Pte 5538Wallis H L Pte 2911  
McLeish, Anne For photographs and information on the Beachcroft family  - Arthur, Edward and Frederick. 
McKenzie, John Charles For identifying his grandfather Joseph Rhodes in a photograph from the Williams album.
Miles, Stephen Photograph of Hamilton and brother George Broadbent.
Moline, Bill For photograph of  Harry D Griffiths and family.
Milne, Greg For article on PatheĀ“-L-G-Pte-9
Morganella, Claire For information about Ellis J A Pte 3760 Anderson T Pte 627 Tabor-E-F-Pte-57461 Williams H J Pte 1791 Jamieson J M-Pte-16712 Williams G G Pte 3355
Morkham, Marjorie For a photograph of Potter-S-M-Chaplain
Morton, David For photographs and information on Peter D Pte 522 and Morton-J-A-Pte-980
Mountain, Don

For photographs  and other material relating to William John Mountain and Essendon State School.

Murray, Gayle For photographs relating to Nelson G Pte 1981 and the RSSAILA Football Club
Naismith, Joyce and Meryl
For photographs of Charles McFarlane and Albert McFarlane.
Nelson, Peter Identifying Aitken G F Pte 535 in a 31 Inf Bn group photo.
Nichols, Gary For photographs and letter relating to Charles Bale.
Noonan, Brenda For photographs of the Jones' brothers, Jones L R Driver 141, Jones R W Cpl 80, and Jones R L Col Sgt 79.
Pattle, Raymond Photos of the Guildford Memorial used for Vosti-L-J-Pte-49 and Vosti-E-M-Boy-2nd-Cl-5885
Phillips, Kim
For many images of local volunteers killed at Gallipoli.  See her website Spirits of Gallipoli
Philpott, John Photo of Leo Harty's burial place.
Plummer, Elizabeth Photos of the memorial stones of Mackley W G Driver 5319 and Davies J S Pte 803  at the Caterpillar Cemetery, Longueville.
Powell, Philip Photos and information relating to Old Wesley College students Anderson-N-B-Pte-7844 Lloyd-G-F-Sgt-11821 Rabling-H-Sapper-A-g-Cpl-22300  and Edgerton-E-H-D-Pte-1524A
Preston, Lesley Images  for Preston-A-C-Pte-4299.
Reid, Bronwyn Images for Ransom-S-T-Pte-2779 and Ransom-R-K-Bugler-536
Rogers, Lorraine Information on Wheatley uncles and cousins. Photos of Wheatley N C Pte 1091 Wheatley H D Pte 655  and Wheatley G A Sgt 647.
Rossi, Bron Images for Rossi-L-A-Gunner-25987  and Ross-F-W-Pte-6459
Rottem, Jay Photo of and letter about Brown-A-G-Pte-87
Rowley, Jim Information and images for Simonsen J A Pte 3173Simonsen G A Pte 1642 and Ross A G Pte 1936
Ryan, Peter Photographs and an article on William B Ryan.
Sayers, Rhonda For the photo of Vosti-L-J-Pte-49 in uniform with his instrument.
Smith, Russell For a photo of Greig-G-F-Sgt-407
St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Flemington For access to their 1917-1922 volume of Flemington Kensington Church News. Also for a contemporary photograph of the church Honour Boards.
St Thomas' Anglican Church, Moonee Ponds
For access to their honour roll and parish magazines.
Stone, Natalie For a photograph and story of Wood-H-V-2nd-Lieut
Taylor, Kerryn For an article and photo of her great uncle Adams-M-Pte--1903 , and a photo of Crowl-B-L-Pte-3712.
Taylor, John Mourning card for Jennings J E 2nd Lt
Tytler, Heather Photographs of Tytler-S-J-Pte-5919  and Andrewartha-R-V--Pte-5328
Vosti, Allan For photos, documents and discussions about the family of Vosti-L-J-Pte-49
Williams, Judith Photos of 3 Pioneer Bn Band including Vosti-L-J-Pte-49.  Also for a photograph of the Headquarters Company of the 3rd Pioneer Battalion, including the band.
Wilson, Christine, Allan and family For information and photos of brothers Wilson-G-P-Pte-1100 and Wilson T F Pte 5931
Wilson Trevor S For a portrait of Smail-G-S-Pte-2485
Woods, Jan For photo which includes the Shurey brothers.
Wright, Ken
For permission to use the material associated with the Wright family, particularly his uncle Henry Wright, and also Bruce-R-J-Pte--3698
Yates, Elvie For photographs of Yates-K-Pte-5783
Yeates, Lorilee For photographs and stories about Yeates-W-H-Pte-2834
Young, Christine For photographs of Larter-H-Pte-925 and Larter-F-J-Driver-2496



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