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Gorin C W   Sapper   6912

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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918


Gorin C W    Sapper    6912    Charles William            3 Div Sig Co    22    Tinsmith    Married    C of E       

Address:    Moonee Ponds, Albert St, 8   

Next of Kin:    Gorin, Lucy A, Mrs, wife, 8 Albert St, Moonee Ponds   

Enlisted:    26 Jul 1915       

Embarked:     A15 Star of England 8 Apr 1915   


Relatives on Active Service:

Gorin H Sapper 6911  brother


Date of Death:  25/10/1917



Australian Red Cross Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau Correspondence


Aust Sig Co 5  GORIN W C 6012

F/E Oct 25th 1917  Dets

I did not see him but I was told he had one leg blown off and the other badly injured by a shell.  This was in front of Passchendaele near Westhoek Ridge when we were holding the line.  Some of the boys told me after we came back, but I do not remember their names.  Lieut Schroeder No 4 Section, might be able to give particulars of burial. Gorin was handsome, medium build, fair, clean shaven, we were together in camp at Hitchin, he came out to France, January 1917.  In No 4 Section.

Inf Sign F Grice 2175.  Wireless Section
No 83 General Hosp
BOULOGNE  16.2.18

I knew him quite well, about 5 ft 9, a professional boxer, darkish, clean shaven.  I saw him lying dead about the end of Oct at Buerre (?) Cross Road, about 2 miles from Hell-fire Corner.  He was lying on the duckboards.  I took him off the duck-track and put him on the side and left him there.  I was going out with sandbags. I dod not think he had then been long dead.  I know nothing as to burial.  His brother, who was in the same Co went back to Australia 7 or 8 months ago.

Reference Dvr R H Batchelor 4047 HQ Sect
7 Can.Gn.Hop.

NOTE.  I could get no clear description of the locality.  Informant was not a convincing witness.  PHE.

I had the following from Lt Stevens of No 5 Div Sigs.  (I think he has gone from them, but is an old hand, and they would forward a letter).  He said he saw Gorin get hit by a shell and both his legs blown off.  I am not sure if he said he was dead, but I heard later from other chaps that he was.

Reference:  Spr A H Watson, 14602
No 11 Con Camp Buchy, Nr Rouen, 29.4.18

We were in the same section, No 4 and attached to the 15th Infantry Brigade.  He came from Melbourne and was a married man with two children.  He was very badly wounded by a shell close to me at Corduroy Road near Zonnebeke.  We were going up at the time to take up AZ Signal post, on ANZAC Ridge.  One leg was blown off and other parts of his body were badly injured.  He was conscious.  There were no stretchers handy but as the aid-post was fairly near, we got assistance from there.  He was carried to the aid-post and from there was transferred to a CCS, I think, where he died.  He had only that day taken the place of a sick man who was unable to come.

Ref:  Sapper H G Jarman, 15676
No 16 Gen Hospital
Le Treport, May 9th 1918.

Gorin was on the Corduroy Road about October 21st, going up to advanced position on Westhoek Ridge.  i was about 50 yards from and behind him at the time when he was hit by a shell having one leg cut off and the other smashed.  I did not see him after he was hit - he was picked up and taken to a Battalion (5th Div) D/S about 50 yards away, where, I believe he died about three days after.

Cpl W Duncan, 5thDiv Sig No 4 Sec with the Div when I left, (2-th April last) was with Gorin at the time.

Note: Written Duncan 15.5.18




War Service Commemorated

Moonee Ponds West State School*  [Gorin W C]

St Thomas' Anglican Church*

St Thomas' Memorial Hall  [W C Gorrin]

Flemington Branch Australian Natives Association (ANA) (Gorin W)

Regimental Register


In Memoriam


No notices in The Argus to 1920.

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