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Page history last edited by Lenore Frost 6 months ago

Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918


See also Stories of the Home Front




Abbott G 6465                           by Rod Martin 15/5/2011         The man who wasn't there?  

Adams-J-K-Pte--510                  by Rod Martin 1/1/2018             Missing  

Adams M Pte 1903                    by Kerryn Taylor 23 Mar 2010  

Aitken C R Pte 1113                   by Sheila Byard 13 Jan 2010  

Aldred A J Pte 3682                   by Lenore Frost 4 Jul 2011         

Aldred J Pte 1302                      by Lenore Frost 2 July 2011       Court martialled for Conduct Prejudicial  

Aldridge T H Pte 2102               by Rod Martin 14/11/2011         Died of wounds at sea, 1915  

Archer F D Pte 6457                   by Rod Martin   

Aspinall A Pte 759                      by Sheila Byard 3/06/2011        Fell at Gallipoli 

Baker-C-M-Pte--15                    by Rod Martin                            From Kensington   

Baker D G Driver 1224               by Rod Martin 19/8/2012           Buried at sea, 1915 

Bale-W-J-Pte-3348                     by Rod Martin 2/09/15              Of the 38th Inf Bn   

Barbour-R-T-A-g-Cpl-4976       by Rod Martin 3/3/2015             His grave was lost - and found    

Beachcroft A L Pte 3243             by Anne McLeish  11/2/2011     Enlisted at 18, 1915.  

Bloomfield-C-M-Pte-3686         by Rod Martin  5/8/2016            Died at Pozieres. 

Bloomfield-W-J-Pte-1075          by Rod Martin   18/8/2016         Died in the desert campaign. 

Bonnefin A C Pte 1111               by Rod Martin 15/11/2012         Cousin of General Sir Ian Hamilton 

Botterill-F-C-Pte-4736               by Rod Martin 3/3/2017              The Missing Jockey    

Bowtell-Harris J F Pte 467         by Rod Martin  13 Sep 2010

Bruce, R J Pte 3698                     by Ken Wright 2004                   Dead Man's Penny

Cashmore D Pte 726                  by Rod Martin

Chapman E H S 2nd Lieut          by Rod Martin  20/8/2015         Of the 7th Infantry Battalion   

Coe-F-A-Pte-286                       by Rod Martin 30/10/2015         A teacher joins the machine gunners

Coles-D-F-C-Lt                          by Rod Martin 1/2/2018             A Royal Artillery Sergeant joins the AIF   

Creese G H Gunner 31370         by Rod Martin  5/3/2013           A Trench Mortar gunner 

Curwen-R-Sgt-7460                   by Rod Martin 17/5/2014          Aust Naval & Mil Exp and AIF  

Dale-J-W-Pte-3095                    by Rod Martin 10/8/2017          Fell at Anzac Ridge - never found   

Dalglish J Pte 5821                     by Rod Martin 21/8/2011          Died of pneumonia after years of fighting  

Danaher-E-B-Pte-477                by Rod Martin 25/2/2018           Missing at Gallipoli   

Dart F R Sapper discharged       by Frank Dart & Lenore Frost    Discharged due to demobilisation'

Davey-A-W-Pte-983                   by Rod Martin  3/9/2016           He enlisted for the second time                     

Doig C G Pte 993                        by Rod Martin 4/06/2011          Died of Wounds, Menin Road 1917    

Eade J R Pte 4487                       by Rod Martin 6/9/2011            Died of illness, 1917  

Easton J T R Pte 3023                 by Rod Martin 30/8/2011           Died of wounds after a trench raid, 1916  

Eddy-J-H-W-Pte-3719                by Rod Martin 7/4/2018            Served with 114 Howitzer Battery, 1917-1918   

Elliot-W-W-H-Pte-422                by Rod Martin 25/4/2019          One of the 'Essendon boys'  1915   

Essay-C-W-Pte-618                    by Rod Martin 30/8/2015           Posted missing at The Nek, 1915    

Fairlie-E-R-Pte-993                     by Rod Martin 22/4/2018           Died at Cape Helles, 1915                      

Falconer A A H Pte 2407            by Rod Martin 23/09/2011         Died of illness in England, 1916   

Fallshaw-P-C-Pte-3061              by Rod Martin, 28/9/2015          Who returned from the war, 1919  

Fanner-D-Sapper-553                by Rod Martin 13/7/2017          George Fanner and the 37 Inf Battalion     

Farrant O C H Gunner 22254     by Rod Martin 31/8/12               Killed during a bombardment, 1917

Farrell-J-M-Pte-2301                 by Rod Martin 14/12/13              A marine fireman 

Findlay A W Pte 305                   by Rod Martin 24/10/2013         Wounded in shelling, 1916 

Fish-G-M-Pte-99                         by Rod Martin 4/10/2014          Died of wounds, 1916   

Galbraith A D Driver 10854         by Rod Martin  30 Nov 2010     Died of wounds  11 Nov 1918

Galbraith A G F Sapper 3648      by Rod Martin 9 Dec 2010 

Galland A G Pte 446                    by Rod Martin 5/07/2012            Survived Gallipoli and Krithia

Garner-V-G-Cpl-54                      by Rod Martin 17/09/2011         KIA at Messines, 1917  

Gaudie C H M Gunner 22300      by Rod Martin 13/8/2014            Died of illness after return.

Gaudie-S-R-Pte-1858                  by Rod Martin  21/4/2017           The Reluctant Soldier 

George-A-T-Sgt-515                   by Rod Martin 6/6/2018               Sergeant George of the Railways Unit  

Gordon R A Cpl 956                     by Marjorie Conning 15/7/2011  Military Cross winner             

Griffiths, H D Pte 55                     by Lenore Frost 29 Nov 2010

Hall-W-J-Pte-109                         by Rod Martin

Harty L J Pte 449                          by Rod Martin 8 Aug 2011         Died at Messines, 1916   

Harvey A E Pte 2261                    by Rod Martin 10 July 2011        Died at Pozieres, no known grave  

Heathcote L W Sgt 294               by Rod Martin 2 Apr 2011       

Herman-E-Pte-1770                    by Matt Freckelton 1 Aug 2015   Survived Lone Pine 

Herweg R H L-Cpl 67                   by Lenore Frost   12 Nov 2011   Blacksmith's striker at Quinn's Post                    

Hill A Pte 2537                             by Lenore Frost 4 Apr 2011     

Hill T Pte 3798                             by Lenore Frost 21 Apr 2011

Hogan-J-S-Pte-5889                    by Marilyn Kenny 29/2/2020      A Teacher's Bequest     

Hogg-T-B-Driver-2855                by Rod Martin   

Hughston-J-Maj                          by Marilyn Kenny                        Mystery Man        

Hunter-D--A-g-Cpl-1912            by Rod Martin 23 Mar 2015        A boy from Kensington   

Hunter R W Sgt 1103                  by Rod Martin 3/4/2015              A family loses two sons    

Iles-C-T-B-Pte-2388                    by Rod Martin 21/5/2015            Lost at Pozieres             

Ivers S J Driver 4529                   by Rod Martin 27 Apr 2011         A driver in the 1 Div Ammunition Column   

James-B-P-Pte-6878A                by Rod Martin 7/04/2016            Enlisted in the Sportsman's 1000

James-L-Pte-1965                       by Rod Martin 10/3/2019           He was only 19   

Kaighin-C-P-G-Pte                      by Rod Martin 23/11/21             One of the 'Glorious Dead'       

Kaufman-H-Lt                             by Lenore Frost                           Boer War vet  

Keam-H-M--Pte-481                  by Rod Martin  10/3/2019           Missing in Action 

Keddie-T-Sgt-856                      by Rod Martin 11/11/2023          Wounded at Gallipoli  new 11/11/2023 

Kelleher-J-H-Pte-2685                by Marilyn Kenny 25/10/21         A Lost Boy            

Kerr-R-Pte-400                           by Rod Martin                              8 LHR lost at The Nek 

Lane-A-J-Pte-2443                     by Rod Martin                              No known grave          

Lang H Pte 903                           by Rod Martin

Lancaster G R Pte 2894              by Rod Martin 17 Jul 2013            A bit of a lad 

Legg-V-Pte-2005                        by Rod Martin 9 Oct 2012            A struck with a high explosive shell

Leonard-M-Staff-nurse              by Lenore Frost 17 Apr 2021        The Sterling Qualities of Staff-Nurse Leonard 

Liston W F Pte 1923                   by Rod Martin 19 Feb 2013           A local sportsman in France 

Locke H H H Lt                          by Rod Martin  14 Nov 2010

Locke-R-C-Pte-1351                  by Rod Martin

Manderson W Pte 5626            by Rod Martin

Marshall J E SSM 1070              by Marilyn Kenny 1/4/2013            Remembered at Lone Pine   

Meara-M-J- 2nd-Lt                   by Lenore Frost 21/08/2017           Awarded a Military Cross             

McKay L W Pte 3092                 by Rod Martin 21/09/2011            A groom from Moonee Ponds 

Middleton E H Pte 2344            by Rod Martin 8/8/2012                Died at Pozieres   

Miles-M-E-Staff-nurse               by Lenore Frost 28/7/2019            Staff Nurse in France       

Milne-H-Pte-7886                     by Rod Martin 7/7/2019                 A football champion goes to war  

Mitchell-L-W-Lieut                    by Lenore Frost 21/4/2019             Gas Instructor                         

Nash-F-B-Pte-303                     by Rod Martin 25/1/2017               An original of the 29 Battalion

Neilson-N-R-Gunner-27766      by Rod Martin 18/1/2020              Gunner Neilson answers the Call to Arms 

Nelson A Pte 3554                     by Rod Martin 10/3/2012              A labourer from Kensington

Nelson A Pte 3553                     by Rod Martin 17/03/2012            Two brothers from Kensington KIA  

Nelson G Pte 1981                     by Rod Martin 19/05/2012            Light Trench Mortar Battery  

Nelson-H-2nd-Air-Mechanic-3405  by Rod Martin  11/9/2020       A Widow's Fight    

Newall H R Cpl 801                    by Lenore Frost 0/10/2012            Henley Peace Regatta  

Newell-A-Pte-2498                    by Lenore Frost 31/12/2012          Underage and Over There

Nickelson-E-F-Sapper-2282      by Rod Martin 20/5/2016               A Sapper at work, died of wounds

Nutt-W-T-Driver-1462              by Marilyn Kenny 23/11/2022         Claiming a Brother

O'Dowd R A Pte 462                  by Marilyn Kenny 15/5/2013          A poet at war     

O'Callaghan W Pte 2828           by Rod Martin   2/2/2012               Died at Fleurbaix

O'Leary-E-Pte-706                     by Rod Martin  30/11/2020            Thunderboxes at Gallipoli  

Oakley-L-C-Pte-164                  by Rod Martin 16/4/2020               Fought at Lone Pine              

Olley-A-A-Pte-3448                   by Rod Martin 20/2/2015              Out of the Firing Line.....   

O'Neill G J Pte 5515                   by Rod Martin 1/07/2011              Croix de Guerre

O'Neill H F Pte 491                    by Rod Martin 23/6/2011              Survived the whole war. 

Outhred-J-C-Pte-582                by Rod Martin 19/1/2020              Outhred and the Red Baron  

Paterson-G-G-Sapper-120        by Rod Martin 29/3/2013              Posted as a deserter   

PatheĀ“-L-G-Pte-9                       by Greg Milne 23/10/2013            3 Light Horse Brigade to Aust Flying Corps  

Peck E H H Gunner 6565           by Rod Martin

Permezel C H Capt                    by Rod Martin 15 Mar 2011      

Peter D Pte 522                         by Lenore Frost 24 Jun 2012           8 Light Horse Regiment   

Phillips, J E, Pte 254                   by Rod Martin 13 Dec 2010

Quill-J-E-Farrier-Sgt-488           by Rod Martin 23 Aug 1027           1 Australian Remount Unit, Egypt

Quinlan-J-E-Pte-2315                by Rod Martin 26 Mar 2022           Thirsty work crossing the Sinai 

Quinton-C-E-Driver-1151         by Rod Martin 4 Mar 2014              Driver in 2 Field Artillery Battalion  

Raff-A-J-Pte-326                       by Rod Martin 5/6/2020                  A machine gunner    

Rawlinson A J Pte 1035             by Rod Martin 11 Feb 2012            An orphan boy, buried at Lone Pine  

Ryan, W B Capt                         by Peter Ryan 7 Dec 2010     

Simonsen J A Pte 3173             by Jim Rowley 14/3/2012                 Foreman at the Cordite Factory    

Skehan T H A-g Cpl 2142         by Rod Martin 7 Mar 2013

Smith-E-Pte-3407                     by Rod Martin 17/3/2017                Missing at Pozieres

Smith W G Gunner 29578         by Rod Martin 30/3/2012                A butcher from Moonee Ponds 

Sproston L G Pte 724                by Marilyn Kenny 15/4/2013           Fell at Gallipoli, 1915  

Steeth-W-J-Bugler-455             by Rod Martin 2/3/2020                  Fell at Gallipoli, 1915        

Stones E A Pte 437                    by Rod Martin 25 Mar 2011 

Tatterson-J-F-Gunner-2121      by Rod Martin       

Taylor-H-R-Sapper-1799           by Rod Martin 24/10/21                  A casualty of typhoid, 1916      

Teather H J Pte 1569                 by Rod Martin 9/5/2011                  At the Charge of the Light Horse, 1917

Usher J T Sapper 6039              by Rod Martin 11/6/2012                At the battle of Fromelles, died of illness 

Vaughan-S-P-Pte-36                 by Rod Martin 8/11/2014                Died at German Officers Trench, 1915

Vick-A-J-Cpl-646                      by Rod Martin 6/2/2013                   Sergeant from Kensington, KIA

Waldren W J H Pte 717           by Jan Colliver 3/6/2012                    Served in the Army Medical Corps, KIA

Walker K L L Cpl 438               by Rod Martin 20 Mar 2011

Walker-L-R-F-Pte-3517           by Rod Martin 6 Nov 2015            Missing 1916, body found 1924   

Wigg-C-E-Pte-2420                 by Rod Martin 9 Sep 2013             Died at Ypres, 1917     

Williams-F-Pte-2005               by Rod Martin 9 Sep 2014             Underage lad last seen in shell hole     

Wood-H-V-2nd-Lieut              by Natalie Stone 6 Mar 2015         A dentist goes to war  

Yates-J-Pte-6848                     by Rod Martin 5/2/2014                A short war  

Yeates J A Pte 3670                 by Rod Martin 5/06/2012              Died of wounds on his 24th birthday 

Yeates W H Pte 2834               by Rod Martin 21/06/2012           Survived the battle of Fromelles

Yeats-W-Pte-2845                   by Rod Martin 6/9/2023               Fought at Polygon Wood new 6/9/2023

Youlden-F-H-Gunner-20021    by Rod Martin 30/10/2017            

Young-A-T-Cpl-414                by Rod Martin  7/12/2016             A young sergeant  

Young-G-H-Pte-674                by Rod Martin 20/1/2024              George Young's War  New 20/01/2024 

Young-D-H-Gunner-31378     by Rod Martin 20/12/2014            Self-inflicted wound to escape Gallipoli 

Young-W-Pte-3960                 by Rod Martin 31/5/2015             Missing at Moquet Farm, 1916  

Young-W-J-Pte-456                by Rod Martin 27/9/2013             Remembered at Menin Gate 

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