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Aberfeldie Bowling Club

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Honour Rolls


(Photo:  Lenore Frost, 2011)


THE GREAT WAR 1914 to 1919

 Honour Roll   


War declared Aug 4 1914 Peace Signed July 19th 1919


Bryce J E D
Bryce P R
Clare R J
Davies E L
Elder D T
Elder J
Fraser C M
Fleming J
Lyons F C
McIndoe W
McIndoe C A
McIndoe R J
McGregor L C H
Richards R J
Manderson E J A
Manderson A L G

Semple H F

Scott R G

Wilkinson L E

Manderson R R B

Mitchell J A

In Memoriam

Galbraith A B

Mountain W J

McGregor F R

Muter R

Rowe E

Scott A G

Scott G R


McClellan W

Platts M


 G McFarlane, Greenkeeper





p 267               Special committee meeting 13 Jul 1915

Greenkeeper - letter from Mr McFarlane dated 13 July 1915 addressed to president was read wherein he resigned from his position of Greenkeeper as from 23 July to go into the firing line at the front he having enlisted as a soldier.


p269                Committee meeting 30 July 1915

McFarlane Presentation - Letter from W Macfarlane re attending Club House re proposed presentation - saying that he did not know at present when he would be able to get away.


p270                Committee Meeting 10 Aug 1915

McFarlane presentation - Mr Cliff reported having collected 37/- with which a case of papers and some tobacco was purchased on behalf of the Club on the previous Saturday evening & expressed good wishes for his future.  Mr McFarlane suitably responded & thanked members for thinking of him.


Essendon Gazette 12 August 1915



Last Saturday evening members of the above club assembled in the club

rooms to make a presentation to Mr. George McFarlane, the greenkeeper, who has responded to the call to go to the front. Mr. McFarlane has already served in the Imperial Forces for upwards of 16 years, and saw active service in the Boer War in South Africa, but although a married man, he felt the time had come for him to again respond to his country’s call, and he is now in camp at Seymour preparatory to going to the Front.

The president, Mr. H. J. Guinn, in making the presentation, spoke in most eulogistic terms of the faithful manner in which Mr. McFarlane had carried out his duties whilst in the service of the club, and all he could say was that if he performed his duty to his King and Country in the same manner as he had done with them, he would do creditable work at the front. Personally, he felt sure that he would,  because it spoke volumes for the charactor of a man, who, though having a wife and little ones dependent upon him, felt it to be his duty to go and do his share at  the front, and a man who would not shirk his duty to his country under such conditions would be no shirker in any other walk in life. It was a sad state of affairs when married men had to  sacrifice everything, whilst many single men, with no encumbrances whatever absolutely refused to go.   They were all proud of the way in which our boys had fought, under conditions of difficult and danger— greater perhaps than had even been heard  in the wor1d’s history— and the highest military authorities of the present day had loudly acclaimed the fact that the bravery and valour of the Australians at Gallipoli had never been excelled. At present, things did not look too bright for the allied forces, but he had every confidence in the resources of the Allies, and he felt sure that eventually they must come out on top. He had much pleasure, therefore, on behalf of the members, in presenting Mr. McFarlane with a case of silver-mounted pipes and a stock of tobacco, and in wishing him "au revoir," every success in the fighting line, and a speedy and safe return, he was only voicing the wishes of those present, and they all hoped that in the days to come, even in the stress and strain of battle, he would, when he had time to have a smoke, think of the members of the Aberfeldie Bowling Club.

After all present had joined heartily in “For he's a jolly good follow," Messrs. H. Cliff, E. Hocking and T. Young spoke in appreciation of Mr. McFarlane’s services to the club, and endorsed the wishes of the  president with regard to the safe return of their guest to his wife and family. Mr. McFarlane thanked the president and members for the practical expression of their kindly  feeling towards him. He would treasure  the gift, and he could assure them that his thoughts would often revert to the members of the Aberfeldie Bowling Club. He wished the club every success. He could honestly say he had done his duty to the club so far as was in his power, but he felt that the call had come to him, and that it was his duty to respond to it.



p 274               Committee meeting 11 Jan 1916

Letter from VBA re Patriotic Fund, send particulars asked for.


p 275               6th annual meeting 11 Sep 1915

VBA proposal re Trophies Patriotic Fund - On this matter having brought before the meeting a discussion took place and it was decided to support the amendment of proposal for each member to contribute 10/- to a Patriotic Fund by leaving out any particular sum and to see that the proposed continuance of the McCracken matches are not affected by these proposal.


p 280                Commmittee meeting 28 Sep 1915

Death Mr Marrison of Moonee Ponds Club & Mr A Swift's son - It was agreed to send letter of condolence to Mrs Marrison & Mr Swift's son at the Dardanelles.


p 281                Committee meeting held at Club House 16 Oct 1915

VBA Bowler Fund - List from VBA received re Bowlers Patriotic Fund - endeavour to get members to subscribe to same those present putting their names down for 10/- amount asked for.


p 314               Committee meeting held Wed 4 Dec 1918

Secretary reported writing letter of sympathy to Mr Galbraith re loss of his son.  Mr Cliff proposed and Mr G Benwell seconded that the action be endorsed - carried.


Discussion re Honor Board.  Deferred till next meeting - prices to be obtained in mean time.


p 319                Committee meeting Wed 2 Apr 1919


It was proposed by Mr Thomas, seconded by Mr Anderson that the Secretary write to Mr Mountain thanking him for the action taken by him at the Returned Soldiers Memorial hall meeting guaranteeing the sum of £10 on behalf of the Aberfeldie Club.  Carried.


                         Special committee meeting Wed 16 Apr 1919

It was decided to postpone the card party in consequence of the influenza epidemic but the subject to be discussed at the next committee meeting.  Mr Thomas promised to make further inquiries re the Honor Board.


                         5 Nov 1919 Committee meeting.  New members S Platts, social member.  [Platt's son's name went onto the Honour Board].



p  351               COMMITTEE MEETING 3 Dec 1919

Correspondence - Letter from Mrs Adams of "Cheer Up" Brigade thanking the members of the Club for past donations of cigarettes for wounded.

Returned Soldiers, and suggesting that members contribute the cost of one packet of cigarettes monthly - moved by Mr Thompson, seconded by Mr Newbold that the members of Club do their best to assist the "Cheer Up" Brigade, & to ask Mr G Johnson to collect from members as he has done previously.


p 354                Pencilled remark before minutes of committee 7 Jan 1920

(Honor Board subscriptions)


Honour Board - The question of the provision of an Honor Board in the pavilion was discussed by the Ctte & it was decided to leave the matter in the hands of Mr Newbold to collect donations from members with a view to obtaining a Board, and that Mr Chalmers make enquiries re the cost of Board -


p 356                  Committee meeting 4 Feb 1920

Honor Board - Moved by Mr Thompson seconded by Mr Cliff that the question of providing an Honor Board in the Club's pavilion be left in the hands of Messers Newbold, G Johnston & the President - Carried. [F J Thomas, Chairman]


p357                   Letter from Essendon Branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League, re Carnival in aid of Memorial Hall - to be ackd.


p 358                 Committee meeting 3 Mar 1920

Correspondence - letter from Returned Soldiers Bowling Club with book of tickets for a raffle for a set of bowls.  Moved by L Thompson, seconded by L Rowlston, that the Club purchase the tickets and that Mr Newbold dispose of same to members - carried -


p 359               Honour Board - Moved by L Thompson, seconded by L Rowlston, that Mr G Johnson be asked to ascertain cost of Honor Board similar in design to the one selected on Cox's list - carried -   Moved by J Chalmers, seconded by G Johnson, that cost of honor Board be equally divided between members of Club.


p 360                Committee meeting 7 Apr 1920

Honor Board - The President reported re the honor Board - Mr Clare to complete same -


p 373               Minutes Committee 1 Sep 1920

Letters from Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Aust. (Ess Bch) re meeting on 7th September 1920 in connection with proposed Memorial Hall project - moved by Mr W Smith, seconded by Mr J Chalmers that a reply be forwarded to the effect that the members would assist individually but not as a Club -


p 379                    Special meeting 22 Sep 1920

Honor Board & Pennant Flag  - The question as to the most suitable date to unveil the Honor Board & unfurl the Pennant Flag was discussed by members & Mr Fraser moved, seconded by Mr Muir, that the Honor Board be unveiled at 2 pm on 23 Oct 1920, and that the Pennant Flag be unfurled during the afternoon of the same day - carried.


p 381                   Committee meeting 6 Oct 1920

Honor Board.  Ctte decided that the sum of 4/- be collected by Mr A E Newbold from each member of the Club (last season's members) to defray the cost of the Honor Board, & a refund of the amount paid by Mr Thomas be made as soon as possible, and that a notice be placed on the board by the Secretary.


                              Opening Day               Mr Price moved, seconded by Mr Thompson, that Brigadier General be asked to unveil the honor board on 23 /10/20 at 2 pm, and that a Bugler be obtained for the purpose of sounding the last Post; also that Mr Grut, the President of the VBA be invited to unfurl the pennant flag at 2.30 pm, and that arrangements be made to provide  a taxi for the purpose of taking him back to his own green after the ceremony - carried.


p 382                      Additional name on Honor Board - Mr Thompson moved, seconded by Mr Rowlston, that the name of McFarlane ex Greenkeeper, be placed on the Honor Board - carried.


                              Special committee meetings, held 15 October & 23rd October 1920 

Unveiling of Honor Board, etc.  Secretary was instructed by the Ctte to send out invitations in connection with the unveiling of the honor Board, & unfurling the Pennant on 23 Oct 1920.


At 2 o'clock on Saturday Brigadier-General H. E. Elliott will unveil the honour board of the Aberfeldie club, and afterwards Mr. J. B. Grut, president of the Victorian Bowling Association. will unfurl the "C" pennant won by the club last year and open the green for the season.


BOWLS. (1920, October 22). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 5. Retrieved February 21, 2016, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article4576291




p 387                       Minutes of Committee 1 Dec 1920

Correspondence - Letter from Retd Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Aust re the Memorial Hall Appeal - no action taken.


p 389                     Committee meeting 5 Jan 1921

Collections form members for honor Board - Mr A E Newbold reported that he had collected the amount required to defray the cost of the Honor Board & that the list was now closed £9.12.0 was collected from members & £1.1.0 was received from Mr McCutcheon some time ago, making a total of £10.13.0 - cost of board was £9.14.0 - Mr Chalmers moved, seconded by Mr Thompson that Mr Newbold be thanked for services rendered in connection with the matter, & also that the other members who assisted with the work connected with the Board - Carried.


p 392                 Special Ctte meeting 15 Feb 1921

Correspondence - Letter from Returned Soldiers Blg Club re provision of cabs for conveyance of members to Aberfeldie Green letter received too late to make arrangements.


Members of the club in 1921: 


Bath, J

Beattie, -

Benwell, G

Benwell, W E

Blenkiron, E

Broughton, T R

Brown, H

Bryce, R

Burton, R

Campbell, -

Chalmers, J

Clare, -

Cliff, H

Coster, T

Costigan, A

Elder, David

Fargie, J

Fleming, Dr

Fraser, A



Gilbert, E

Gilbert, R

Goldsmith, -


Heathcote, -

Hodges, P

Hutton, W

Johnson, G

Johnston, H

Kemp, E

Kinnear, E H

Lyle, H

Lyons, C

Lyons, T A


Mann, -

McGregor, L

McIndoe, J


Mountain, W J

Muir, J K

Muter, W

Newbold, A E

Parry, T


Price, A

Richards, C

Rogers, T

Rowe, J

Rowlston, L

Russell, -

Salmon, P M

Scott, E

Semple, A

Smith, A E

Smith, D

Smith, W

Stirling, E

Thomas, F J

Thompson, L

Tobias, -

Walker, R

White, -

Wilkinson, H, Rev

Woodcock, J


p 438

Correspondence - From the Secretary of he Australian Relief Fund for Stricken Europe asking for contributions to the Fund - Ctte decided to return the subscription list with an intimation that the members of the Club are called on individually to help in these matters.


p 464                   Committee 5 Dec 1922

Correspondence  - From Retd Sailors & Soldiers Imperial League of Aust re Christmas Tree - Received.

From Essendon City War Widows League re sale of buttons.  Ctte decided that this matter be left in the hands of Mr Rowlston.


p465                Loan of Club's property to other Bodies, etc.  Mr Price spoke re the number of appeals received by the club for funds, also re the loan of Club's property to other Bodies - this matter was discussed & it was decided that no action be taken.


p 466                      Committee 3 Jan 1922

Correspondence  - From Essendon City War Widows Homes league asking for the result of the effort of the Club re the sale of buttons - This matter was attended to by the Treasurer & on the motion of Messrs Salmon & Fargie. Mr Rowlston was thanked for his services in arranging for the sale of the buttons.

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