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Essendon State School

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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918

Honour Rolls





The Essendon State School No 483 Honour Board is located in the Infant Hall of the Raleigh Street, Essendon school. (Photo courtesy of Don Mountain.)


Ainslie G M
Allen T
Anderson D
Anderson G
Anderson J
Anderson W
Arroll J
Avery A
Avery C S
Backhouse W G
Baker N C
Barnard G
Barnard J
Barnard V A *
Barton F F
Bendickson G
Bennett T H
Blanchard P
Bloomfield M C *
Bloomfield W J  *
Blundell J  *
Borley F
Brace R F
Breeze P
Bridger R R
Brown A
Bruce A C
Bruce J
Buller R L
Burbridge N R
Burbridge R J
Burns A C
Burns R
Busbridge E J
Busbridge N T
Butler A J
Butler J F
Cartwright A
Carver A
Chancellor W G
Charles G F   
Chisholm G S
Churchman M
Churchman W
Clark R J
Clark T G  *
Clark W R
Cook H N
Corkhill F B
Coulsell R B [*]
Cox A B  *
Cox L A
Cross C R
Cross G
Crowe A V
Davies E L
Derby W H
Dibb A C
Dodgshun E W
Dodgshun N W
Dolney G  *
Donald J A L
Dow S
Drew F
Drinkwater W
Eades A  *
Eades W J
Elgar J
Elgar M
Elgar R
Eller H J
Eller P
Elliot E
Elliott H J
Elliott W  *
Farrant E R J
Farrant O C  [*]
Ferguson F
Fittock G
Fitzgerald A J
Fitzgerald G T
Galbraith A
Girdes C H
Goodwin H K
Goodwin J E
Gordon H
Gordon R
Gordon W
Grant N S
Grant T
Greenaway A T
Greenaway H
Greenaway R E  *
Guthrie H V
Guthrie L C
Hargreaves T
Harris J B
Harris N C
Hartmann N
Hayes A M [*]
Hayes J M

Hayles H

Hazzard P

Henderson K
Heritage J
Herwig J  *
Hewitt R M  *
Hicks F A [*]
Hickson A
Hill A B
Hill L C
Hill T B
Hillson A
Hosking B P
Indell S  *
Jack W
Jarvie L
Jennings J  *
Johnson E C  *
Jones L R  *
Jones R L  *
Jones W
Jones W L
Joy W
Keats E W
Kelly A [*]
Kelly T
Kennedy D W
Kennedy H A

Kerr R  *
Kersey  H N
Knight J B
Landell G
Landon H *
Landon M *
Latimer H R  *
Latimer S A
Lawrence D
Lawson T
Lidstone C A
Little G H
Locke H
Lord A
Lyons C
Lyons G
Macdonald J A  *
Macgill E  *
MacIntyre A
MacKinnon J
Manderson A
Manderson E J
Manderson R
Marshall J K
Marshall W G  *
Matthews A L
Matthews D J
Matthews H
Matthews W
Matthews W N
McCutchan W
McHutchison D  *
McHutchison R  *
McIndoe C
McIndoe R
McMahon R
McNeil F
McNeil R
McVitty H A  *
McVitty J
Meadows B
Metcalfe N
Mills G D
Milne C G  *
Morgan C H
Morgan E

Morgan L M
Morgan W J  *
Morris D L  [*]
Mott A E [*]
Mountain W  *
Mullet S
Munro D
Munro J L
Musgrove C
Nance J
Narracott V
Narracott A
Newman C
Nicholson P  *
Ogden H D
Pain P
Palmer F
Palmer P A
Palmer T
Palmer W
Paterson R
Patterson G P
Patterson W J
Perkins E C  *
Perkins P
Platt R
Powell L

Quayle E L
Quince W A

Rabling H
Rankin C
Rawsthorn V
Reidy W H
Robertson F S
Rose W
Rowe E  *
Royle J E
Rutherford L Sister
Rutherford L C Sister
Rutherford N
Salmon P  *
Sanson W  *
Sargeant W H
Scharniss C  *
Scorer  L L
Scorer W D  *
Scott A  *
Seafarth H
Semple H F
Shannon W
Shields A
Sinclair G A
Smith A
Smith G W
Smith H J
Smith M D
Smith P
Smith W D
Smith W G  *
Souter A
Spargo M
Speed R
Spencer F
Steeth A G
Steeth J
Steeth W  *
Stevens G
Stewart G S
Stewart L
Stewart N L
Stewart W
Stones E A
Straughen F
Swaby C W
Swaby T H
Swift A G   
Swift A T *
Swift C H
Swift G
Swift L
Tatt W
Tatterson J  *
Thompson  J A
Tilley B W
Tilley H C
Tilley P  *
Tindale W H
Todd C W
Trott W
Turner H C
Tyzack  T O
Tyzack W
Wade E J
Wade W E
Walshe J
Warner H
Watson T N
Weare H
Wheatley G A
Wheatley N
Wheatley R
Wheatley T
White C M
Wiffen C B
Wight R H B
Wilkinson L A
Wilkinson  A
Williams R E
Williamson A W  *
Wilson T
Withers A D
Withers P
Withers R
Wood L A
Woods C  *
Woods C G [*]
Woods E A
Woods H J
Woods J
Woods J W  *
Wright A E
Wright C I
Wright F W
Wright H J  *
Wright M
Wright R H
Yeates C J
Young A T [*]
Young C
Young S  *

* Died as a result of war service. [*] Died on service, but not marked on the board




Adams-J-K-Pte--510  *

Bryant A W Pte 182 *

Groves A A Pte 1960

Groves H E Pte 4650 *

McDonald-B--K  discharged

Parker-H-C-Sgt-715 *

Rowe B F Cpl 341 * (teacher, cadet corps)


Essendon Gazette 22 July 1915 


Secretary also reported that he had received about nine letters, four photos, and also the following names of old boys of the Essendon State school who are at the front  fighting for the honour and glory of the Empire: C. H.  Morgan , A. M. Morgan, W. J. Morgan, jun. (three brothers), M. Wright., W. Stewart, R. Gordon, W. J. Eades, A. B. Eades, I. J. Barnard,  G.0. Barnard, Sgt-Major G. F. Charles (wounded - shot through the chest, breaking through the ribs, pierced through the lung and out through the back ; now lying in the Manchester Hospital; reported doing well); Sgt J W. Hayes, L-Cpl A. M. HayesNaval Sub-Lieut R L Buller (21 years of  age), D. W. Kennedy, L. Guthrie.


Essendon Gazette 7 August 1915


At the last meeting of the E.S.S.O.B.A.* committee, it was decided to raise funds by subscriptions from members to erect a memorial to celebrate the heroism and sacrifice to duty of former scholars of the Essendon State school engaged in the European inferno. Such  memorial, provided the consent of the Education Department be obtained, will take the form of a large flagstaff set in a stone base, within the school ground. As no proper provision at present exists for flag displays, it is felt that no better scheme could he formulated, and with the annual saluting of the flag on "Gallipoli Day," its effectiveness will be particularly manifest.


* Essendon State School Old Boys Association


Great War Memorial in the grounds of Essendon Primary School. 

(Photo: Lenore Frost 2010)


Essendon Gazette 19 August 1915


The usual meeting of the Essendon School Committee was held on Monday, Mrs. Swires in the chair, Mr. Royle being away on account of illness. Other members present were :- Mesdames McEwin and Spillane, Messrs. Kennedy and King, also Mr. Scott (head-master).


The secretary also stated that he interviewed Mrs. Lynch personally re her  sad bereavement, on behalf of committee.—Action endorsed.  Re framing of old boys photos it was decided to let it stand over till next meeting.

[Correspondence] ...Mrs. Lynch enclosed photo of her son, J Blundell, who went away with the 8th L H. and met his death fighting for his country. A  letter was received from Miss Charles enclosing photo of Sgt. Mjr. Charles ....

The secretary also stated that he interviewed Mrs. Lynch personally re her sad bereavement, on behalf of committee.—Action endorsed.  Re framing of old boys photos it was decided to let it stand over till next meeting.



On Monday afternoon, 15th inst., a  gathering of parents and friends of the scholars attended at the Essendon State School to witness the presentation by the Mayor of Essendon (Cr. J. P. Rhoden) on behalf of the School Committee, of the framed photos of old scholars who had joined the Australian Imperial Forces. The children, to the number of 1000, were assembled in the school yard. Mr. W. Royle, president of the School committee, in a short speech, introduced the Mayor and welcomed his visit to the school, stating that he was a very busy man and it was very good of him to attend. Mayor Rhoden, who was received by the children with applause, apologised for being late through there being no cab at the station, and the train was delayed. He was extremely pleased to be present, and alluded to the great sacrifice and loyalty of the old scholars in going to the front to fight for their country and the Empire. They were the children of the finest men ever born in the world, and were now showing their patriotism and love of their country.


The names of the old boys were as follows:-Privates Cecil H. Morgan, W. J. Morgan, L. M. Morgan, J. Blundell,  G. O. Barnard, I. J. Barnard, M Wight, J. Stewart, R. Gordon, P. Pain, L . C. Guthrie, R. Kerr, J. Woods, W. W. H. Elliot, H. J. Elliot, E. A. Stones, H. J. Ellis, C. Lyons,   P. R. Bridger, D. W. Kennedy, Drivers J. Eades, L. Jones, J. S. Munro, Asst. Paymaster, Douglas Munro, Troopers F. Straughen, Reg. Jones, Midshipman R. N. Buller, Lance-Corp. A. M. Hayes; Corporals J. Woods; Frank Drew, Sergeants A. Eades, Hewitt, Ray Jones, J. M. Hayes, Scharness, Sergt.-Major G. Charles.


Continuing, the Mayor stated that any school should be proud of the honour of having so many boys at the front, and in having such a nice picture hung in the building to remind the children of those who had fought for them. The school committee were to be congratulated on getting the picture and it was to be hoped it would be the forerunner of other pictures.   The Mayor then handed the picture to the head teacher, Mr. R. Scott, and three cheers were given for Mr. Scott, for Messrs. G. Mackay, and J. Stewart (former head teachers) and for the parents of the lads who had volunteered. Mr. R. Scott, in reply, said he was pleased to receive from the Mayor the picture given by the committee, and he would have it hung, first in one room, and then in another, so that all the classes could see it. He thanked the committee for the picture, and though it only contained eleven photos at present, others would be added later. Mr. Geo Mackay (former head teacher) thanked the committee for being asked to attend, but he did not anticipate being asked to speak. He was pleased to know that the photos of the boys who were fighting so well were to be hung up, in the school. The assistant teachers at the school had always been devoted to their duty, and he never remembered them staying away from their duties when they could attend. The boys who had gone to the front had fought bravely, and it was regretted that some of them would not return. The school had something to be proud of in their boys.  


Mr. J. Stewart (late head teacher) on being called upon, said he was glad to be present and to know of the sympathy that went out to the parents of boys who had fallen, and whose only consolation was that the lads had died in the cause of their country. He was glad to see that so many boys had gone from the Essendon school, and it showed the great patriotism of the Essendon people. On the motion of Mr. W. Royle a vote of thanks was passed to the Mayor and Messrs. Scott. Mackay and Stewart. Trooper F. Straughen, who had just returned from the front, then made, at the request of Mr. Royle, a few remarks, and stated that he was pleased to have represented the school at Gallipoli. Afternoon tea, provided by the school committee, having been partaken of, the Mayor, at the request of Mr. Royle, hung up the picture on the wall of one of the rooms, and in doing so, stated it gave him much pleasure to help at the ceremony. The old boys had not done one whit better than he expected they  would, sired as they were, by such noble men and women. They had a great country, with glorious traditions, and the lads were making a name for themselves. Mr. W. A. Kennedy (secretary of the School Committee) said that there was no one more pleased than himself to get the roll of honour at the school, and he was glad that the committee had responded to the call. They admired the lads who had gone to the front to   keep the flag flying. He would be pleased to receive from any of the parents the photos of their boys who had gone to the war, in order to get them framed, and he would also like some particulars of them, so that the roll would be perfect.


Mr. Morgan moved a vote of thanks to the committee. He thought the parents might assist the committee in completing the roll of honour. He had three sons in the picture just hung. He had word that the King visited the hospital at Harefield, and that he told one of the Essendon boys that no troops in the world could have landed at Gallipoli like the Colonials. He would like it known generally what the King had said to the Essendon boys. Mr. S. A. Mott, in seconding the motion, alluded to the good work done by the committee in arranging for the roll of honour.   The motion having been carried with acclamation. Mr. Royle returned thanks.   After a few remarks from Messrs. Stewart and Mackay, the proceedings were brought to a close with the National Anthem.


ROLL OF HONOUR. (1915, November 18). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 5 Edition: Morning.. Retrieved January 18, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74590817





On 25th April, at, the Essendon school, special arrangements were made to commemorate the anniversary; the Mayor (Cr. Pynor) being in attendance with the Revs. A. Stewart and Steele, and also a large gathering of the parents and the school committee. Mr. W. A. Kennedy, on behalf of the committee, requested the Mayor to make a presentation to the school of two framed groups of old scholars who had joined the A.I.F. The Mayor stated it was with pleasure he attended to commemorate "Anzac Day," and the school committee's action in having the photos of the old scholars who had left these shores on active service framed and hung up in the class rooms was to be commended. He was certain the present scholars greatly appreciated the committee's efforts, and he knew that they were very proud of these pictures, which would always be treasured. The secretary informed him that these made the ninth group, and there were 11 in each group, so that they had 99 of the old scholars who had left on active service, which was a position to be proud of.


The names of the old scholars on these groups were as follows:--In the centre-Lieut. Allan Cox. He regret ted to state that this fine soldier had been sacrificed for the great cause, he being killed in action at Cape Helles, and he was certain all the scholars sympathised with the parents left to mourn the loss of such a brave son. In the centre of the other group Lieut. R. Gordon's photo had been placed, and he was pleased that this old scholar had received the Military Cross for bravery at the front. The others were Driver Tatt, Corp. W. Palmer, Pte. A. J. Palmer, Sapper C. W. Swaby, Pte. E. A. Woods. Pte. C. A. Woods. Pte. H. J. Woods, Pte. W. Gordon,  Pte. V. A. Barnard, Pte. A. E. Burns, Corp. L. A. Cox, Corp. R. Elgar, Pte. J. Elgar, Capt. J. B. Harris, Pte. S. L. Butler, Pte. A. J. Butler, Pte. F. J. Butler, Pte. G. A. Blundell and Pte. W. J. Marshall.


The Mayor presented the groups to the head teacher, Mr. Winning. Mr. Winning thanked the Mayor on behalf of the scholars, for the pictures, which would be highly treasured by the staff and scholars. He greatly appreciated the committee's action, and the secretary of the committee had requested him to get any photos of old scholars who were away with the Australian Imperial Forces, so that they could be framed in a similar way. Mr. Cox (father of Lieut. Cox, who was killed in action) spoke on behalf of the parents of old scholars and thanked the committee for the action taken in regard to the old scholars who had left their native clime to fight for the grand old flag. His sons received their education at this school, and always spoke in the highest terms of their teachers. Mr. Dave Williams, of the 5th, and Mr. Dave Williams, of the 6th grade, and he was pleased to see that these teachers were still at this school, as they were teachers to be proud of.  The scholars then saluted the flag and afterwards marched into their classrooms, and short addresses were delivered by the Mayor (Cr. Pynor), the rev. gentlemen, Mr. Cox, the head teacher, and the secretary of the committee. The scholars sang patriotic, songs, and in the 8th grade Miss Florrie Gordon, sister of Lieut. Gordon, rendered the song "Keep the Home Fires Burning," all the scholars singing the refrain.


ANZAC DAY. (1917, May 3). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 3 Edition: Morning. Retrieved May 11, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74602417


Anzac Day.


In accordance with the Education Gazette the afternoon on 25th April was devoted at the Essendon State school to the commemoration of Anzac Day. Several of the parents attended the school, and addresses were given by Mr. Cox and Mr. Ryan, M.L.A., also by returned Anzacs, Lieut. Maxwell, Sgt.-Major French and Sgt.- Major Roberts. The children sang the National Anthem, "O God, Our Help in Ages Past," "For England," and "Recessional Hymn."


The secretary, Mr. W. A. Kennedy, read out the honour list of the old scholars (125 members) stating that there was a large number of various names still to be recorded, and he trusted the scholars and parents would send along the names of any old scholar whose name was not on the list. He regretted to say that up to the present the records to hand showed that 15 old scholars had been killed in fighting for our liberty, and he believed that the number was higher.He was very pleasing to report that a number of the old scholars had received distinction and commissions whilst serving with the forces.


The head teacher, Mr. Winning, before calling upon the scholars to salute the flag, stated that to to the present the school had contributed £740 to the patriotic funds, besides assisting in other directions with patriotic efforts. The ceremony was brought to a close by the singing of "God Bless Our Splendid Men."


Anzac Day. (1918, May 9). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 2 Edition: Morning.. Retrieved June 12, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74605845


For the higher elementary school established at Yarram 52 pupils have been enrolled. Miss Munro, late of Essendon, is in charge of the school.



Honour Board mentioned in soldiers' letters:



Mentioned in this publication:

Teacher Connie Munro volunteers to teach in a remote school to release another teacher for war service.

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