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St Paul's Church of England Honour Roll

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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918

Honour Rolls



Honour Roll, The Great War 




Allen A J              
Aspinall N W

Ball A G S

Barker W

Beck J R

Beechcroft E

Bone A W

Bullen R W

Buncle G E

Buncle L A

Burton A W

Burton B

Burton J T

Butler O

Caffin S

Clissold G

Cooper W G

Douglas F N

Dutton E T

Edwards J

Edwards L

Elkins G W H

Evans J

Field C

Fielding G V

Flewellen E C

Gibbons A V C

Gibbons R

Gillard G W

Gillard L G

Graham C

Graham F A

Harvey A E

Harvey J D

Hawker F

Hill F G

Hill R

Hinds F G

Johnson W L

Jones W A

Jordan C J

Kerr L S

King L

Koop G

Koop P

Koop R

Koop W

Latham F

Latham J

Latham Jas

Latham W

Liston W F

Moule R

Mackley C Nurse

Mackley E V

Mackley G P

Mackley G Senior

Martin A

McDougall J H


Supreme Sacrifice

Chambers E M  

Charles W S 

Dalglish J 

Dutton G A 

Harrison L J 

Lyons S

Mackley W G

Nickelson E F

Sproston L G

Permezel C H

Robinson J H

Rogerson A A


Mills W J

Minto C J

Missen A

Mitchell R

Morris Lenard F

Morris Lindsay F

Morton J A

Moule E           

Newall H R

Newton P

Osborne H T

Parker A R

Patterson H W

Pete G

Prior L

Richardson CAL   

Roberts A

Robinson N J

Rogers F O

Rogerson C C

Ruff H S

Runting G W T

Schafer J C G

Shea H

Simmons D C

Simmons R P

Simmons S H

Snell R R

Snell W J                         

Stanton A H

Stanton E J

Stanton R

Summerland CA

Topham J E

Topham W H

Trevillian F J

Trevillian S

Trott G

Truman J

Upton A J

Vonarse F J

Wakeham W E

Way L G

Way S L

Whitford G A

Whitford W H    

Williams E          


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