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Moonee Ponds Baptist Church

Page history last edited by Lenore Frost 5 years, 2 months ago

Honour Rolls


Moonee Ponds Baptist Church, corner of Lorne and Eglington St, Moonee Ponds, built in 1910.  The church had started in 1892 and originally occupied a site in Athol Street, moving here in 1910.   (Photo:  Lenore Frost 2011)



The Great Conflict 1914-1918. 

In honour of our friends who suffered and sacrificed for

God & Humanity for Justice & Liberty



Arnold A
Arnold S
Barker W
Bennie, A *
Byrne H
Cairns J
Cameron G *
Cooke F *
Coulson A
Cracknell B *
Cumming H
Daly R
Ducas P T
Gibbons A H
Hatton C
Haworth F
Henshall A
Holt E
Holt N *
Hooper A
James E C

Kent E

Lawrence A
Lawrence A Dr MC
Lawrence G
Maine A C
Maine C E
Mathews E H G   MM
Mathews W S
Matthews N
McCure P C
McGrath W
McKenzie W L *
Mitchell M Nurse
Moore A C
Moore A R *
Moore Roy
Moore S

Noble V
Paddock J L
Page A
Page C
Prior L

Rogers F

Scorer L
Scorer R
Scorer W *
Sedgman C

Sedgman L
Sedgman V
Simmonds W
Sinclair A
Sones W
Steele L
Stinton R
Swaby T
Tame E B
Thorp P
Turner E
Turner F
Turner W
Watt E
Wright J
Youlden F H * 


Mentioned in this publication

Marriage of Straughair-C-S--L-Cpl-263  

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