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Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington, 1914-1918


A mourning card for Lt John Edgar Jennings, courtesy of John Taylor.


Jennings J E    2nd Lt        John Edgar               24 Inf Bn    29    Commercial traveller    Single    C of E        

Address:    Moonee Ponds, Mantell St, 3, "Wolseley"

Next of Kin:    Jennings, W T H, father, Mantell St, Moonee Ponds    

Enlisted:    12 Jun 1916        

Embarked:     A28 Miltiades 1 Aug 1916    


Date of Death: 03/05/1917   21st Bn



Jack Jennings.  Source: Follow the Gleam: a history

of the Essendon Primary School, 1850-2000.


News has come to hand that Lieut [J] E. Jennings (Jack) was killed in action [on] 3rd May. The deceased is the youngest son of Mr. T. H Jennings (a former [Mayor] of Essendon), of 3 Mantell street, Moonee Ponds: also a brother of Mr. George Jennings, of the Ascot Vale Hotel. He [enlist]ed some 18 months ago, and was a .... man of great promise, being ...... and respected. He was well [known in] sporting circles, having been some [time] ago captain of the Essendon Junior .... ball Club. The Moonee Ponds Bowling [Club] have hoisted their flag half-mast [out of] respect to the father of the above [soldier], who was a foundation member of the [Club].


ROLL OF HONOUR. (1917, May 24). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 2 Edition: Morning. Retrieved May 12, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74602649




Mr. T. H. Jennings and Family wish to extend their sincere thanks to their many friends for their kind expressions of sympathy during their recent sad bereavement in the loss of their dearly loved son and brother, Lieut. J. E. Jennings (Jack), killed in action in France, 3rd May (21st Battalion). "'Wolseley," 3 Mantell street, Moonee Ponds.


Family Notices. (1917, June 28). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 2 Edition: Morning. Retrieved May 17, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74602982




Amongst the many gallant and high-spirited young men of this district who have made the supreme sacrifice of their lives for king and country against the brutal aggressiveness of the Kaiser of Prussia and his military hordes, none are remembered with more bitter sorrow and tearful recollection than the late Lieut. John Edgar Jennings, of 21st Batt. Australian Inf., who was killed in France on 3rd May, 1917, aged 31. He was the youngest son of Mr. Thomas Henry Jennings, an ex-councillor and former mayor of Essendon, and prior to enlistment was employed as a commercial traveller by Messrs. Levy, of Melbourne, importers, and proved himself worthy of that position.


As a young man he was beloved and admired for his geniality, kindliness, and unfailing cheerfulness, and as a soldier for his promptitude, conspicuous bravery, and devotion to duty. The sudden termination of the career of this noble young fellow is to be deplored - it is the fortune of this accursed war into which we have been plunged owing to the mad ambition of a frenzied monarch: but it may alleviate in a minor degree the anguish of his aged father and surviving relatives to know that Lieut. Jennings distinguished himself on the battlefield, and died heroically, as the following tribute from Royalty will attest:


Commonwealth of Australia. -

Governor-General's Office,

Melbourne, 8th June, 1917.

Dear Sir,-I am desired by his Excellency the Governor-General to transmit to you the following message from their Majesties the King and Queen:


The King and Queen deeply regret the loss you and the army have sustained by the death of your son in the service of his country. Their Majesties truly sympathise with you in your sorrow. In addition to the above message, I am desired by the Governor-General to express their Excellencies' heartfelt sympathy with you on the death of this gallant officer, who fell fighting for his country and Empire.

Yours faithfully,


Official Secretary.

T. H. Jennings. Esq.,

3 Mantell street, Moonee Ponds.


Mr. T. H. Jennings also received the following letter from Lieut.-Col. F. Forbes, commanding the 21st Battalion, describing and eulogising the death of his son:-


Australian Infantry Battalion,

In the Field, May 8, 1917.

Dear Mr. Jennings,

It is with deepest sympathy I write to inform you of the death of your son, Lieut. J. E. Jennings. He was killed in action on the 3rd inst., at Bullecourt whilst leading his men against the enemy in the Hindenberg line. His work on that day was very fine, and though wounded early in the morning, he carried on in a most determined manner until the afternoon, when he fell, and all who were with him speak most highly of his gallantry. It set an example which could not but affect his men, and it was soldiers such as he that made the day victorious. It is some consolation to know that he suffered no pain, death being instantaneous.

Believe me, yours sincerely,  


Lieut.-Col., Commanding 21st Batt.


The fate of this young soldier, along with that of Rupert Herd*, Harold C. Parker, W. C Hill, Robert Kerr, J. W. McJunkin, and others of our Essendon boys, recalls to mind the fine lines of Collins on young Ross, who died at Fontenoy, in Belgium (the country adjacent to the present conflict in France), in 1745, and are quite applicable to the present date:


How sleep the brave who sink to rest

By all their country's wishes blest,

When Spring, with dewy fingers cold,  

Returns to deck their hallow'd mould,

She there shall dress a sweeter sod

Than Fancy's feet have ever trod.


By fairy hands their knell is rung,

By forms unseen their dirge is sung;

There Honour comes, a pilgrim grey,

To bless the turf that wraps their clay

And freedom shall awhile repair

To dwell, a weeping hermit, there.


Essendon, July, 1917.


THE LATE LIEUT. J. E. JENNINGS. (1917, July 12). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 6 Edition: Morning. Retrieved May 19, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74603152


*Lieutenant Rupert Herd, of Leveson St, North Melbourne.


Red Cross Wounded and Missing Enquiries Bureau Correspondence


Killed in Action 3.5.17

The late Lieut J E Jennings took part in the attack upon the German line in the neighbourhood of Bullecourt on the morning of May 3rd.  He was wounded in the hand, but owing to the dearth of officers he carried on with his duties.  He got as far as our objective in the Hindenburg line where he was struck in the head by a bullet, death being instantaneous.  He was buried on the battlefield.  Lieut Jennings was about 35 years of age about 5'10" in height dark complexion very full face and rather stout.
Letter from Sgt T B Taylor




He came from Melbourne and was in C Co.  He was a big bull-headed man.  he was my Lieut - a fine fellow.  I saw him wounded in the arm in the trench in the Hindenburg line at Bullecourt on May 3rd or 4th in the early morning.  He refused to go out, and said "Come along boys, we've got to bomb these  - out", and hopped over the parapet, and got shot through the forehead by a sniper and killed outright.  We held the Trench, but did not go on.  We were the only Battalion that got their objective, but had to come back that night.  His body had to be left there. We did not hold this ground.  

Informant Pt Anderson, H 4851
21st Australians, C Co, X Pltn
Australian Camp, Rouelles.


Your letter of the 15th Nov, Addressed to Capt Pearce re Lt Jennings has come into my hands, on account of the lamented death in action of Capt Pearce on 4th Ult.  Lt Jennings was killed while in action with us at Bullecourt, May 3rd, got the full burst  of a shell after they had got well forward.  He was one of the comparatively few, that were were able to bury on that awful day, but it was right in the line there was no chance to do anything else, and since that time of course there has never been sufficient advance on that sector to make it possible to mark the graves.  Further, as you know we left the Somme immediately afterwards and have not been back since.  I wrote at length to Jenning's people at the time, but unfortunately owing to the Mangolia disaster, very many of my letters to friend and casualties in that fight did not reach their destination.  If I can be of any use to you in the matter of enquiries re 21st men, I hope you will let me know.  I hope to be with the battalion for at least another 3 months.

Letter from Chapln G E Lamble
21sdt Battn
AIF 30.11.17

Note. We regret the delay in typing the above report but we have been obliged to hold it up on account of pressure of work and shortage of machines.

Lieut Jennings was killed by shell, he was first wounded in the hand; but still continued to go over the top, in spite of wound.  He was in a different section to me; but I positively know him to be killed, although I did not actually see it.  He died a brave soldier, and spoken very highly of by all his men.  At Bullecourt May 3/7

Eyewitness: No, but very near at time.
Description: 'Pommy'.  Used a thick stick for weak ankle
Informant: Pte Arthur Steeth, 5906
21st Batt AIF
Edmonton Hosp, Geo E Ward
Home address: 255 Mount Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale



Mentioned in this publication:

Follow the Gleam: a history of Essendon Primary School 1850-2000. pp 116-117.


Australian War Memorial

Papers http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/RCDIG1061419


War Service Commemorated

Essendon Town Hall F-L

Essendon State School *

North Suburban Cycling Club*

St Thomas' Anglican Church*

St Thomas' Memorial Hall

Essendon Gazette Roll of Honour killed


In Memoriam


JENNINGS.-Killed in action. 3rd May, 1917.

Lieut. J. E. Jennings (Jack), beloved youngest

son of T. H. and late Mrs Jennings, 3 Mantell

street, Moonee Ponds (late of Levy Bros.)

So dearly loved, so deeply mourned.

-(Inserted by loving father, sisters and brothers.)


Family Notices. (1917, May 24). The Essendon

Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows

Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918),

p. 2 Edition: Morning. Retrieved May 12, 2012,

from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74602639


JENNINGS.—In loving memory of our dear son and
brother, Lt. J. E. Jennings (Jack), who fell at Bullecourt
on 3rd May, 1917. (Inserted by his loving father, sisters,
and brothers, 3 Mantell street, Moonee Ponds.)

JENNINGS.—In loving remembrance of a dear son
and brother. Lieut. J. E. Jennings (Jack), 21st Battalion,
killed in action at Bullecourt, 3rd May, 1917. 
He gave his best, his life, his all.
—(Inserted by Stanley and Nellie Jennings).

JENNINGS.—In sad but honoured remembrance of
our dear brother, Lieut. J. E. Jennings (Jack), killed in
action Bullecourt, 3rd May, 1917.
He died as he lived—a man. 
Deeply mourned.
—(Inserted by George, Bessie, and boys.)

JENNINGS.—A tribute to the memory of our friend
Lt. J. E. Jennings, who was killed at Bullecourt,

May 3, 1917.
As he lived he died—nobly.
—(Inserted by E. and J. Evans, Camberwell.)

JENNINGS.—A tribute to the memory of our lov-
ing brother, Lieut. J. E. Jennings (Jack), killed in action
on May 3, 1917, at Bullecourt, France, late of 21st
Battalion, 6th Brigade.
Lost to sight, but to memory ever dear. 
—(Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in- law,

Annie and Bert.)   

JENNINGS.—A token of remembrance of our dear
friend, Jack, who was killed in action, some-
where in France, on May 3, 1917.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a
man lay down his life for his friend.
—(Inserted by his loving friends, Millie, Myrtle,
and Nellie Allen.)


Family Notices. (1918, May 3). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 -
1956), p. 1. Retrieved July 25, 2011, from

JENNINGS.-In loving remembrance of  
our dear son and brother, Lieut. J. E.
Jennings (Jack), 21st Battalion, who
was killed in action at Bullecourt, 3/5/17.
A faithful brother, true and kind,
No one on earth like him we'll find.
One year has passed, but none can tell
The loss of a brother we loved so well.
Days of sadness still come o'er me,
Hidden secret tears still flow.
For memory keeps my dear son near me
Though he died one year ago.
So dearly loved, sadly missed by all --Our dear Jack.
-Inserted by his father, sisters and brothers.
3 Mantell st., Moonee Ponds
Family Notices. (1918, May 2). The Essendon Gazette
and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter
(Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 2

JENNINGS. - In memory of my beloved brother,
Lieut. J. E. Jennings, 21st Batt, who fell at Bullecourt,
May 3, 1917; also my sister, Jessie, who died April
20, 1919.
At the going down of the sun and in the morn- 
ing, we will remember them.
-(Inserted by Stanley and Nellie Jennings.) 

JENNINGS.- In loving memory of our dear brother,
and uncle, Lieutenant John E. Jennings, 21st Bat-
talion, killed at Bullecourt on the 3rd May, 1916.
(Inserted by Nicholas, Teenie, and children.)

JENNINGS.-To the honoured memory of our dear
friend, Lieutenant John E. (Jack) Jennings, killed in
action, France, 3rd May, 1917. (Inserted by H. M.
and H. Watson, "Wamphrey," Fosberry avenue, E.
 Caulfield, and Belle Robson, North Fitzroy.)

JENNINGS.-To the honoured and loved memory
of my true friend, Jack, killed in action May 3, 1917.
(Inserted by Arthur Cass.)

JENNINGS.-In loving memory of our dear brother
and uncle, Lieut. J. E. Jennings, killed at Bullecourt,
3rd May, 1917. (Inserted by Geo. and B. Jennings
and boys.)

JENNINGS.-In memory of our dear son, and
brother, Lieut. J. E. Jennings, killed in action,
Bullecourt, France, 3rd May, 1917.
So dearly loved, so sadly missed by all.
Our dear Jack. 
-(Inserted by his dear father, sisters, and brothers,
3 Mantell street, Moonee Ponds.)
Family Notices. (1919, May 3). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. :
1848 - 1956), p. 11. Retrieved July 25, 2011, from

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