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One Thousand Days with the AIF

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Honour Rolls





The following local boys are among the list of the First Australian Division, who have been on active service for over 1000 days:-


Pte. J. D. Arroll (M.P.), Sgt. P. R. Armstrong (M. P.), Cpl. D. C. Anderson (Ess.), Cpl. J. Ayre (Ess.), Pte. W. R. K. Anderson (A.V.) Far.-Cpl. J. Armstrong (Broadmeadows).


Pte. W. H. Babb (A.V.), L.-Cpl. F. R. Billinge (Flem.), Pte. A. W. Bone (A.V.), Pte. J. E. Broadbent (A.V.), Dvr. H. L. Bowring (A. V.), Dvr. A. E. Bedbrook (Ess.), Capt. H. A. Barker (A.V.), Lieut. F. S. Bowman (Ess.), Capt. J. F. Bowtell-Harris (M.P.)


Cpl. W. B. Conn (Ken.), A.-Cpl. R. F. Cromarty (Glenroy), Dvr. R. Clark (Flem.), Cpl. H. K. Cowan (A.V.), Spr. J. W. Crawford (Ken.), Dvr. L. H. Christie (M.P.),: Gnr. W. M. Cleaves (Broadmeadows), Cpl. E. A. Cobbin (A.V.)


Capt. J. W. Donnelly, D.A.A.G. (A.V.) Dvr. S. J. Dellar (Flem.), T.- Dvr. E. Darcy (A.V.), Pte. T. J. Darcy (A.V.), Pte. L. Day (Ken.), Pte. W. H. Day (Ken.)


Brigadier-General H. E. Elliott (N'cote), Dvr. H. J. R. Ellis (Ess.),


Cpl. G. A. Gideon (A.V.), Pte. H. C. Giles (M.P.), C.S.M. G. A. Gilchrist (A.V.), Cpl. A. G. Galland (A.V.), Bomb. J. Grainger (Ken.), Q.M.S. H. Goodall (Ess.), Sgt. G. D. Gorry (Ken.)


Spr. P. M. Hutton (M.P.), Farrier H. Hyde (Nkt.), Capt. J. W. Hopkins (M.P.) L.-Cpl. T. Hutchinson (Ken.), C.Q.M.S. B. P. Hosking (M.P.), Pte. W. D. M. Hooper (Flem.), 2nd Lieut. E. J. Hopkins (M.P.), Gnr. W. J. Hansford (A.V.), Cpl. T. G. Herweg (M.P.), Gnr. A. A. Hobbins (Ess.)


A.-Sgt. T. C. Inches (A.V.)


Spr. E. C. James (M.P.), Pte. A. James (A.V.), Dvr. L. R. Jones (Ess.), Pte. C. Johnston (Ess.)


2nd Lieut. E. W. Kimpton (M.P.), Dvr. J. Kingshott (B'meadows).


Pte. W. P. (sic) Langford (M.P.), A.-Cpl. H. Lyttle (A.V.)


Pte. J. E. Moore (M.P.), Pte. A. McKenna (M.P.), 2nd Lieut. L. F. Morris (M.P.), Sgt. C. E. Maine (M.P.), Pte. L. M. Morgan (Ess.), Dvr. J. G. Milne (Nkt.), L.-Cpl. F. Matthews (M.P.), T.-Cpl. J. R. Matthews (M.P.), Pte. C. H. Morgan (Ess.), C.S.M. C. H. L. McGregor (Ess.), Pte. N. McAuley (N. Ess.), Gnr. J. S. Munro (Ess.)


Sgt. C. Nelson (Ken.), 


2nd  Lieut. H. F. O'Neil (Ess.)


Sgt. O. Paull (Nkt.), Dvr. P. Perkins (Ess.), Pte. H. E. Peck (Ken.), Sgt. A. J. Pratt (A.V.), L.-Cpl. R. L. Price (A.V.), L.-Cpl. G. W. Patterson (Ken.), Dvr. P. J. Phillips (M.P.), Lieut. C. R. Pinney (M.P.), Cpl. A. A. Passmore (Ken.), Pte. L. T. Powell (M.P.), T.-Cpl. H. C. Prunty (M.P.)


Dvr. T. C. Quinn (sic)  (A.V.)


Pte. L. O. F. Richards (M.P.) Pte. A. E. Radcliffe (A.V.), Pte. A. Roberts (A.V.), Cpl. R. K. Ransom (M.P.)


Pte. T. H. Swaby (Ess.), L.-Cpl. A. S. Syme (Pascoe Vale), Major C. H. Swift (M.P.), A.-Sgt. P. J. Styring (M.P.), Dvr. H. P. Speed (Ess.), Pte. B. F. Stapleton (A.V.), Gnr. H. S. Swain (Greenvale).


Q.M.S. A J. Thaw (Ken.)  


Sgt.-Maj. R. Ward. (Ken.), Pte. P. E. Willmore. (M.P.), Pte. E. T. Wellings (Ess.), Bomb. A. V. White (Nkt.)


Pte. G. H. Young (Ess.)   


ONE THOUSAND DAYS WITH THE A.I.F. (1917, July 19) The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 6. Retrieved May 19, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74603188 


In the list of the local lads who had seen 1000 days' service, published in our last issue, the name of Cpl. G. A. Haythorne (Flem.) was omitted. Cpl. Haythorne went away in October, 1914, took part in the landing at Gallipoli, went right through the campaign to the evacuation, and has taken part in the Pozieres, Somme, and the recent fighting around Arras. So far he has gone through unscathed. Another son, Pte. A. B. Haythorne, is in England.


ROLL OF HONOR. (1917, July 26). The Essendon Gazette and Keilor, Bulla and Broadmeadows Reporter (Moonee Ponds, Vic. : 1914 - 1918), p. 5 Edition: Morning. Retrieved May 20, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article74603247



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